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Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 2nd September 2021 Episode starts with Kajol telling Arjun that she said what she thought right and shared her heart talk with him, thinking him as near to her. Arjun says if you trust me so much, then believe me that everything will be fine. He says even I am Baba’s beta. Kajol asks how, everything will be fine. Arjun says I will stand by you and your family in every crisis. Kajol says I thought we will find solution and says if baba pays the installment or you, this thing is wrong. He holds her hand and asks her to enjoy their haldi and marriage. Kajol says she would be happy if this burdened gets over. Arjun promises her that he will talk to his father and will ask him to talk to her Baba. He tells that this is the matters of elders, let them talk and decide. He says if the matter don’t resolve then I will pay the EMI’s. Kajol goes from the temple and comes to the road. She sees Vishu in the luxury car with Rajesh and thinks they are taking the test drive. She thinks she won’t let her Baba buy the car. Baba imagines Kajol sitting in the car with Arjun and enjoying the drive.

Later Apu talks to his friends. Naina comes there and teases him. He asks Pishimaa to dance. Shreya comes there with Amrita. She hears Kajol’s mother telling that she went out. Shreya taunts Kajol’s mother and says brides don’t go out before the marriage. She tells that she has brought sweets made in pure ghee. Neighbor says it seems Kajol will be very happy. Shreya asks where did you send her? They tell that she had gone to get blouse from tailor and asks them to have something. Apu asks them to come. Shreya says she is off sugar and also don’t eat oily things. Amrita goes with Apu to have the food. Kajol comes there. Shreya asks where did you go? She asks where is the blouse piece? Kajol says she didn’t go to tailor? Shreya asks beauty parlour. Kajol says I don’t go there. Shreya looks at chandan in her tika and asks if she had gone to temple, as she got enough than expected. She tells them that they will leave. They leave. Kajol looks on.

Vishu tells that he has enquired about uttam babu and tells that he is a nice guy. Uttam babu comes there with his goons. He asks Vishu, how much money does he need? Uttam asks what do you do? Vishu says he has small printing press. Uttam babu asks him to give printing press papers and says he will get it checked by the lawyer. Vishu gives the papers. Uttam says if Papers are right then you can come and take money tomorrow itself. He asks him to give interest on time. Rajesh tells Vishu that Uttam is not good person as goons are with him. He says if we couldn’t repay the money then he will send goons. Vishu asks him to talk positive and tells that they will return on time.

Shreya tells her family that Kajol was not at home. Tai ji asks how did they let her go out on haldi rasam. Shreya says when I asked them, they told that she went to tailor, but later she confessed that she had gone to meet someone. Kajol gets worried for her Baba and calls him. She asks him to come home soon and thinks don’t know where he is going for money. Guru ji comes there and asks if Vishu was fine. She tells that he is fine. Guru ji says he looks healthy from outside, but ….Kajol asks what happened to him. Guru ji asks her to make arrangements for his prayers and thinks how to tell that I saw his death in his eyes and in your hands.

Amrita asks Shreya why is she provoking everyone and says Kajol came in 10 mins. Shreya asks what magic did you do on you? Amrita says no magic, she is clear at heart, and don’t act. Shreya asks if she is taunting her. Her mother asks her to talk nicely with Bhabhi. Amrita says you are taking her side, as she is from big house, else you would have made her work in the house. Shreya says you are talking much, if anyone talks like this in our house, then their tongue is pulled off. Amrita says she is saying the truth which seems to be bitter for all. Shreya asks shall I expose you, shall I tell everyone why Kajol looks good to you. Arjun’s mother asks what is the matter? Shreya tells that I thought to make her understand when alone with her, but it seems like she shall tell the truth. She says Amrita is taking Kajol’s side as she is liking Kajol’s friend Apu. Amrita asks what are you saying? Sheb says Apu is in my college and just a friend. Shreya says I have seen such friendship. Arjun’s father warns her and tells that he will lock her in the house, and tells that they can’t have any relation with that house. Arjun’s mother says she will talk to him, once he comes home. Arjun comes there. His mother tells that Shreya told about Apu and Kajol, something going on between them. Shreya notices red mark on his neck and asks if he had gone to temple to meet Kajol. He says no and tells that a pandit came infront of him to apply him tika and he couldn’t refuse. He asks if interrogation is done, then shall I have something. He takes the sweets and goes to his room. Shreya thinks Arjun is lying due to Kajol, don’t know what magic she has done. After his marriage with Kajol, she will have Arjun and I will have his lies.

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Telecast Date:2nd September 2021
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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