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Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 23rd November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 23rd November 2021 Anurag writes, dear Kajol, I am sorry. If you have forgiven me, then please meet in NGO. Please give me a chance to explain myself. With Love, Anurag. He then says, no love. Let me just write Anurag. He keeps his fingers crossed and goes to give the card to Kajol.

Kajol is busy in work. He watches her from distance. When she turns towards him, he hides. Kajol goes inside. He then gives the card to a worker and tells him to give it to Kajol. He hopes Kajol gives him a chance and comes to NGO to meet him.

Dida comes to Sharmila with breakfast. She thinks, now I will have to talk sweetly to her. She tells Sharmila, you left without eating and I didn’t eat either. Sharmila gets concerned and tells her to eat, she has to take medicine too. Just then a servant comes with tea and tells Dida, you forgot tea after eating breakfast. Dida says, I didn’t eat and asks him to leave. Dida then tells Sharmila that I am worried about Anurag.

I want to talk to you about his marriage. I have a girl in mind too. Sharmila asks who? Dida says, Priyanka. Sharmila says, they are just friends. Dida says it’s good that they already know each other. Girl is from a good and rich family. They look beautiful together. Sharmila says, but Anurag… Dida says Anurag is smart and handsome. Girls have eyes on such guys. She gives Kajol’s name as an example. Before Sharmila says anything, Dida says, I have decided Anurag will get married to Priyanka and leaves.

Anurag comes to NGO. A girl asks Kajol, so did you forgive him? Kajol says, when someone says sorry from heart, you should forgive that person. Anurag hears it and gets happy thinking she forgave him. He says that he will never hurt her now. The girl asks Kajol to a sing a song for her. Kajol sings. Anurag imagines him going to Kajol and them dancing romantically. The girl comes to Anurag and breaks his imagination. The girl asks where is Kajol didi? She is coming right. Anurag hopes she comes.

The worker puts the sorry card on Kajol’s desk. Kajol puts bunch of papers on that card and tells the worker to shred those papers. Other side, Anurag thinks if Kajol doesn’t come today, then he should understand that Kajol is not interested in him.

Arjun says he won’t let Kajol and Anurag marry. Arjun’s brother says who are you to decide that? She is no longer in your life. Arjun says, I know Kajol is your favorite and you don’t want to listen anything against her, but that day, her truth came out in front of everyone. She started another affair and that too with my cousin.

Arjun’s brother says, look whose talking. Shreya joins in telling Arjun, at least you don’t have right to question her character. Arjun’s mother says, they got stuck with that weird family. Shreya says, you guys keep going to that family despite them insulting us so much. They kicked us out and still you went to them with another rishta.

She tells Arjun’s mother that others are naïve, but you are understanding and smart enough to judge others. She makes it clear that she is saying all this just for this family’s happiness. She cares about this house. Arjun says in his mind, you just want to break my relationship with Naina, but that won’t happen because Naina is not Kajol. Naina is very smart.

Kids say, Didi is here. Anurag thinks it’s Kajol. He goes to see, but it’s Priyanka. Priyanka says, I love these kids. I wanted to meet them, so came here. She gives a pizza to a girl, but the girl says that Kajol didi says you shouldn’t eat junk food. You’re doctor and you should know it. Priyanka says, Kajol didi is right, but junk food is okay some times. The girl gives Kajol’s saree to Anurag telling him to give it her. Priyanka’s friend asks her for how long she will do this drama. I know you don’t like kids. Priyanka says, if this is the way to go to Anurag’s heart, then I am fine with it. Kajol also used kids to win Anurag.

Kajol sees save the date card’s sample for Anurag and Priyanka’s engagement. She thinks, I will convince mother somehow, but I can’t marry Anurag. I will give Maa whatever she wants. She wants money for Naina’s marriage. I will arrange the money and give it to her. Anurag calls Kajol from a landline.

Kajol picks up, but he is not able to say anything. Kajol feels like it was Anurag. Anurag thinks she didn’t come to NGO even after reading my card. Maybe she has no feelings for me. I can’t force myself on her. Maybe her rejection was real. Other hand, Kajol thinks what else I could have said him except no. Very few people get true love. You are one of them, Dr. Anurag. You should not waste that love behind me in a form of sympathy. This engagement is in your destiny and printing cards for that engagement is in my destiny.

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Telecast Date:23rd November 2021
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