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Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 20th January 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 20th January 2022 Episode starts with Kaushik telling Inspector that they have provoked his daughter to take such a step. Anurag tells Inspector that Bulti is an adult and has pleaded infront of everyone,

saying that she came with her wish. He tells that Kaushik uncle and his family have done wrong with Bulti, and says you can’t pressurize Bulti to go back and can’t arrest anyone here. Inspector tells Anurag that he is right and tells Kaushik that they can’t do anything, as his daughter is shouting and telling that she wants to marry with her wish. Inspector leaves with his team. Kajol says we shall sit and talk.

Kaushik asks Chandana to think about her daughter and says your son’s wrong step can spoil her life. Naina asks Chandana, why you didn’t think about me. She tells Kajol that you always wanted to ruin my life and marriage.

Chandana asks Naina not to blame Kajol for everything always. She tells Kaushik that they shall leave ego and think about the children happiness. Kaushik asks Arjun to take Bulti from there. Arjun asks Bulti to come. Kajol says I will get them married today. Arjun says I won’t let this loser marry my sister.

Anurag says who is loser, just because he has not started earning till now. He says Apu promised to take care of Bulti. Kaushik asks from where he will bring the money. Naina says let Bulti go, stop this drama. Apu says when you have married Kajol di’s would be husband, we all supported you. He calls her selfish.

Naina says Kajol di never deserves Arjun, I was suitable to him and that’s why married him. She asks him to look at himself and says you are calling me selfish. Kajol says I don’t care whom you have married and tells that she always prayed for her siblings’ happiness. She asks Naina and Arjun if they will be happy if Apu and Bulti are not happy.

Arundita says you are thinking about your happiness, by taking revenge. Naina says you said right Mummy ji and says Kajol is taking revenge through Bulti. Anurag says stop it Naina. Naina says this is truth.

Kaushik says Apu wanted to live a lavish life on my wealth and says poor father’s poor son. Kajol asks how dare you to talk about my father and says we are poor, but you are a murderer. She says my baba is not alive due to you, and says if you utter any more word then I will forget that you are standing in my house.

Anurag says I will call Police this time. Kaushik says ok, and says Apu shall forget that he will live a lavish life on my wealth. He says if Bulti marries him, then I will disown her from my wealth. He says you will come to my house, pleading and begging for money. Bulti says I will be happy with love and respect and tells that she will be happy as she will be away from them. She says it is good that you disowned me today,

I don’t have any guilt now, I am finally freed. Kaushik says don’t return to my house, and asks her to ask Kajol to take up her burden. Kajol says daughters are not a burden and says Bulti will not come to your doorstep, but if you need any help then you can come and ask us, we will help you as you are our samdhi and not because you are rich. She says we have given one daughter to you and taken one from you.

Kaushik and his family are leaving. Kajol says my brother Apu will never come to ask you anything, I am there to take care of them. She says Bulti is my responsibility as well, and I will take care of her well. Arundita asks her to remember that Naina is their responsibility, if she wants to stay with us, then she shall break relation with her mayka. Naina asks what did I do? Shreya Bhabhi had opened the door.

Arjun asks her to stay here if she wants and says if you don’t come with us today, then the house door will be closed for you as well. Naina gets upset and says today you have snatched all relations from me, didi. I am seeing my position in the house today. Kajol says Naina. Naina goes behind them.

Bulti cries and says I have become an orphan today. Everyone left me, I have become orphaned today. Anurag says how can you think like this, and says your brother is with you. He asks Pandit ji to do the arrangements and says I will do her kanyadaan. Bulti hugs him and cries. Chandrika and Anu tell her that they are her family now and they will have fun altogether. Apu and Bulti sit for marriage again.

Anurag and Kajol look at each other. Pandit ji asks them to stand up for the rounds. Apu and Bulti take the rounds. Pandit ji asks him to apply sindoor in her maang. Apu fills sindoor in her maang. Pandit ji says marriage is completed and asks them to take elders’ blessings.

They take Chandana, lekha, Shyam and others’ blessings. They come to Anurag and Kajol and hug them. Anurag thanks Pandit ji. Pandit ji says I will leave now. Kajol says all is well if end is well. Chandana says I had seen this end for you both and hopes to see it happening soon. Priyanka comes there and claps. Everyone looks at her.

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Telecast Date:20th January 2022
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