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Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 15th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 15th October 2021 Episode starts with Dr. Anurag making Kajol sit in the car, and then he fights with all the goons. The goons run away. Kajol gets down from the car and holds Dr. Anurag as he falls down. She shouts for help and calls ambulance. Dr. Anurag says I am fine. Kajol asks him to lie down silently, ambulance is coming. She cries seeing his condition.

Dr. Anurag closes his eyes. She asks him to open his eyes, tears her dupatta and ties on his head. She asks him to open his eyes. Chandana and Pishimaa look at the watch, it is 9 pm. Ambulance and Police come to the spot and take Dr. Anurag and Kajol to the hospital. The doctor takes Dr. Anurag to the OT. Kajol hopes his injury is not deep and he is fine. He checks the time and thinks it is 8 am still, I will call Pishimaa.

Doctor comes out and tells that he is fine, and she can meet him in half an hour. Priyanka sees Kajol and is about to go to her. Nurse calls Priyanka and she goes with her to see the patient. Kajol thinks to make a call through reception.

Arjun tells Naina that Kajol must be roaming with Anurag. He says I was first doubtful seeing his behavior and is now sure. Naina says he knows that she was not Didi, and tells that he dropped her home and left silently, as he has fault in his heart. Arjun says I can’t understand that Anurag can like Kajol. Naina says shocking thing is that Maa is bad about Kajol now, and asks when did they meet face to face. Arjun says Kajol is very clever, first trapped me and now Anurag.

Kajol comes to Dr. Anurag. He asks did you bring me here and is about to hold his hand. Sharmila and Dr. Abhishek come there. Sharmila thanks Kajol for calling them. Dr. Anurag gets angry on Kajol for informing them and asks her to leave. Dr. Abhishek asks how are you reacting? Anurag says I will decide who will come in my personal space or not. Kajol cries and goes. Sharmila scolds Anurag for shouting at Kajol.

Dr. Abhishek says receptionist had called us and not Kajol. Sharmila says she is still unwell and you scolded her. She goes behind Kajol and asks her not to cry. Kajol says I don’t know why he got angry. Sharmila says he is always angry and asks her not to feel bad. Dr. Abhishek asks Anurag to get angry on him, and not on her, what is her fault? Sharmila apologizes to Kajol. Kajol says no, and tells that he is good at heart, but gets angry and hurts others. Sharmila says it was not his intention to hurt others, he is unexpressive and blasts. She says when he talks bitter, he repents too.

Kajol says may be I get over emotional, after losing Baba. She says I shall leave, everyone must be waiting for me. Dr. Abhishek says I will drop you home. Kajol says no, uncle. You are needed here more, I will go home my myself. Dr. Priyanka sees Kajol leaving and thinks why is she crying.

Pishimaa thinks why didn’t she come and worries. Chandana asks why she didn’t come? Pishimaa says she had talked to me and told that her phone battery is low. Chandana says it is 11:30 pm now. Pishimaa says I will talk to Kajol and asks her to go and sleep. Naina thinks may be she knows about Kajol and Dr. Anurag. Pishimaa sits on the sofa. Kajol thinks of Dr. Anurag while walking on the road. She recalls how he fought with the goons for her. Dr. Anurag recalls scolding Kajol.

Kajol also thinks the same. He thinks what is wrong with you. He says meet me once, I will tell my feelings for you. My silence is my upset emotions. Priyanka comes there and says for whom you are waiting? He thinks he is waiting for her, who gives peace to her soul, and completes him. Kajol thinks why our paths collide, I couldn’t understand him. She reaches home. Rekha asks where was you? Pishimaa asks why did you come late? Kajol says got a bit late. Naina says it is 12 now. Kajol says it is 8 pm and checks her watch. Naina asks you was with whom? Kajol says I was coming home when.

Naina says you will tell imaginary incidents now. Kajol asks why will I do this? Chandana comes there and asks Kajol not to forget her limitations, and says if anything goes wrong due to your stories or excuses, then I will not bear. Kajol says but. Naina asks her to ask where she had gone? Pishimaa says your Mother scolded her already. Naina asks why this rules is only for us and not for her. First we faced so much humiliation and now this. Pishimaa asks them to go and sleep and tells Kajol that she will serve her dinner.

In the morning, Pishimaa talks to Vishu’s pic and says Naina and Chandana are always after her. She says Kajol seems to be sad. Dr. Anurag checks his phone and thinks how to talk to her. He thinks to message her, but then thinks she will not read my message. Next morning, newspaper comes and Kajol’s photo appears on the newspaper.

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Telecast Date:15th October 2021
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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