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Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 13th October 2021 Episode starts with Kajol asking Chandana to smile and says if Baba sees you like this, then will feel bad. She asks her not to cry. Apu says I know how to bring smile on Maa’s face. He calls Shyam and plays music. Shyam sings song. Anu, Chandrika and Apu dance.

Kajol prormises Baba that she will keep them happy always. She comes to office and hears Rajesh telling Uttam that they will return the money to him. Kajol checks the file and gets shocked. Rajesh says he had given money to Vishu sir. Uttam says I am a business man who gives money to get interest. He says he don’t trust anyone and asks her to repay his money. Kajol says how can we give you so soon.

He asks his goons to check the office and asks what might be its value. The goon says 25 lakhs. Kajol says we will repay your money with interest. She says they have filed the Police complaint. Uttam says Police can’t catch the culprits. He opens the almira. Dr. Anurag thinks to call Kajol and asks how is she? He then thinks to call Rajesh. Uttam’s goon opens the locker and tells that there is nothing inside.

Rajesh picks the call, but Uttam’s goon snatches his phone and keeps it on the table. Dr. Anurag hears Uttam threatening Kajol to get house and printing press papers ready. They leave from Kajol’s office. Dr. Anurag comes there and sees the goons leaving. He thinks Kajol is having self esteem, she will not take money from me. He thinks how to help Kajol. Kajol tells Rajesh that they have to take as many orders as possible. Dr. Anurag gets a message.

Naina comes to Chandana’s room and finds her pressing the head. She asks shall I apply balm for your headache relieve. Chandana says ok. Naina applies balm on her head and tells Chandana why did Kajol go to office, as if office don’t work without her. Chandana says if you can’t help her then don’t taunt her. Naina says she is doubtful that didi is going to work or to meet Dr. Anurag. Chandana looks on.

A guy comes to the Anurag’s cabin. Anurag says we want new brochures for our NGO. The guy says we got new brochures 2 months ago. Dr. Anurag says I don’t like the blue color and want to get it printed again. The guy says there is red and black color in the brochures. Dr. Anurag asks him not to argue and give the printing order to Ananda Printing press. He asks him to talk to Kajol Mukherjee and give her order. He thinks to meet Kajol in the NGO.

Naina tells Chandana that when Didi got consciousness, she took Dr. Anurag’s name first. He went to hospital and dropped her here. She says he was talking with confidence that Kajol di is alive, and was behaving strangely in morque. She says it is shady that she is alive and he also reached there. Pishimaa hears Naina filling Chandana’s ears and scolds her, telling that they shall be thankful to Dr. Anurag. Chandana asks Naina not to find drama in this, and tells that Dr. Anurag was your baba’s doctor and helped Kajol, that’s it. She goes.

Rajesh tells Kajol that they got a big order. Kajol is thankful. Rajesh says I will go and meet him. Kajol says even I will come. Rajesh asks her not to worry, and says he will go. He says we can give the money to Uttam and make him quiet for sometime. She picks a call and tells that she will come to take the order. She thinks she got two orders in a day and thinks she will never accept defeat and will do anything to keep her family protected, she asks Baba to keep her blessed always.

Kajol reaches NGO and thinks to inform Pishimaa. She finds her phone busy and hopes to get the contract. She comes inside the NGO and finds a little girl falling and crying. She asks the girl not to cry and asks who has troubled you. The girl signs at the ground. Kajol asks her to hit it. She gives her ball. The girl asks how did you get hurt? Kajol says I had fallen down too. Anuradha ji comes there and gets happy seeing Kajol handling the girl.

Kajol says she likes good with children. Anuradha says their NGO is for the children. The guy asks Kajol if she can get 2000 prints. Anuradha says they want attractive designs. Kajol promises to get the brochures printed. Anuradha says I will meet the other children also. Kajol says if I had known that she is coming here, then would have brought gifts, chocolate and goodies for them. Anuradha ji asks her not to feel bad and talk to them nicely, they will be happy.

The girl comes there and asks Anuradha and Kajol to come, as someone came. Kajol sees Dr. Anurag playing with the kids. She thinks he is a lovely person, but becomes arrogant sometimes. Anuradha asks Kajol if she knows Dr. Anurag and says this is his NGO. Kajol thinks and realizes that he wanted her to teach music here. She thinks he might have talked to them and asked to give me work, but why?

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Telecast Date:13th October 2021
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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