Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 12th November 2021 Written Episode Update


Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 12th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 12th November 2021 Episode starts with Anurag keeping the saree for Kajol, and going from there. Kajol looks at him, as he goes. Song plays…..Kajol picks the saree and wears it. Amrita asks Anurag if Kajol didi came today. Priyanka says she came today, but can’t get involved in puja, as….Anurag turns and looks at Kajol, as she comes. Amrita also looks at her.

Tumhe kitna chahne lage plays…..Sharmila asks Kajol to come and takes her to front. She asks Anurag to come and asks him to aarti. Arundita says why Sharmila likes in this girl and says this girl insulted us so much and Anurag made her guest of honour here. She says don’t know what is between Anurag and this girl. Dida sees Kajol doing the aarti and singing bhajan, while Anurag is standing beside her.

Kajol gives aarti to Anurag. Anurag does the aarti. Putul asks did you give gift to didi. Anurag asks did you tell anyone? She says no and says Kajol didi is looking beautiful. Shreya thinks why Arjun haven’t come till now. Arjun is driving the car with Naina, Anu and Chandana are with him. Chandana coughs. Anu asks if she is fine.

Priyanka tells Anurag that she never saw him wearing colorful clothes, and says yesterday yellow and today….Anurag says your mind is working much. She says there is some connection with her. Anurag says my mother had a connection with her, Kajol was her favorite student. He says if Kajol is here, then she is due to my mother and I am here also, due to my mother.

Anurag thinks don’t know what happened to me, I am worried and restless when she is away. Pishimaa gets worried knowing they went to pandal. She thinks Kajol will be trapped due to me and thinks to warn Kajol. She calls her. Sharmila says we shall play sindoor khela now, and asks Kajol to sing. Pishimaa calls Kajol, but she didn’t see her call. She prays to God to save Kajol for any of my good news. She thinks don’t know what will happen and prays to God.

Anurag looks at Kajol as she dances with others. Dida does the puja of the goddess. Anurag takes the dhol and plays it. He thinks the feelings which I have for her, shall I tell her, and asks Goddess to give him one sign.

Arjun and others get stuck in traffic. Priyanka takes the pot from Kajol and dances, to compete with Kajol. Kajol also dances with her. Anurag watches Kajol as she dances. Priyanka stares kajol while dancing. Sharmila says lets play sindoor khela. Dida asks Priyanka to go and play. Dida asks her to go and says who said this. Priyanka tells her friend that she will be getting engaged to Anurag and says he doesn’t tell about our relation with anyone. She tells aloud which is overheard by kajol.

Sharmila prays to Goddess to unite Kajol and Anurag and says hear my prayers, I don’t want anything else. Kajol is also playing sindoor khela and falls. The sindoor plate falls from her hand as she falls. Anurag holds her. Sindoor falls on her forehead. Everyone looks at them.

Arjun and Naina bring Chandana and Anu there. Anurag thinks Maa, you gave me the signed, I will never leave her, and will confess my love to her soon. Priyanka’s friend tells her that Anurag is engaging with you, but loving Kajol. Priyanka says I am seeing, how Kajol is wooing Anurag?

Naina, Arjun, Chandana and Anu come there and see Kajol in Anurag’s embrace. Kajol smiles seeing them. Chandana gets upset. Naina says oh god, Kajol di went to office, then how she is here. She says Kajol is wearing costly saree and says who gave it. Anurag asks them to come inside. Chandana comes to Kajol. Kajol says I am very happy to see you coming to Puja and asks her to come and do Maa’s darshan.

Chandana pushes her. Kajol asks what happened? Naina says we came to do Maa’s darshan, but you showed us different scene. She says you are wolf in tiger’s skin. Apu says Maa will talk to her. Anu asks Chandana to come home and talk. Dida asks what is going on here? Arundita tells Dida that the girl is such, wherever she goes, she does drama and says we got rid of her with much difficulty.

Dida says I understood her just looking at her. Sharmila asks Abhishek to take Dida out. Abhishek asks Dida to come out and give charity to the poor. Sharmila asks Chandana to come to side and talk to her. She says may be there is a misunderstanding and says why to do drama infront of everyone.

Naina says when drama is going on infront of everyone, then why clarification separately. She says everyone shall know what Kajol di is upto. She says she told that she is going to office, and here she came and attended the puja. She says she played sindoor khela and was swinging in Anurag’s embrace. She says I am feeling ashamed to even think of. Anurag and Kajol looks shocked. Anurag smiles.


Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 13th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Kajol says you told Pishimaa that I can come here. Chandana says you are taking her name as she is not here. Naina doesn’t let her speak and accuse her for lying. Anurag asks Naina not to utter a single word against Kajol. Arjun shouts at him, saying Naina is his would be wife and is not characterless like his Kajol. Anuraj raises his hand on them. They are about to fight. Kajol stops Anurag.

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Telecast Date:12th November 2021
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