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Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 11th October 2021 Episode starts with Dr. Anurag tells Inspector that he can understand that he can’t file the report, but Ms. Kajol Mukherjee travels from DH road, and today the truck and the auto had an accident today. He says I have her pic, please check. Inspector calls other PS. Chandana falls down hearing the news. Arjun asks her not to have any negative thoughts, and says he will go there. Pishimaa also cries.

Shyam asks her to handle herself and asks Rajesh to come. Arjun says I will come with you. Inspector tells Dr. Anurag that he will tell the send her pic to the Inspector, as it will be difficult to tell if the girl was his. He says the truck wheeled rammed over her, and it is very difficult to identify the body. Dr. Anurag says I will inform her family. Rajesh gets a call and tells Pishimaa that they are called to identify the dead body in the morgue. Pishimaa says this can’t be possible with Kajol and reminisces her. Everyone cries.

She asks Chandana if she got peaceful now and says you have killed her, I will never forgive you. She has gone to Vishu. Chandana cries. Naina holds her. Rajesh asks Pishimaa to handle herself. Shyam says may be she is someone else. Arjun says we shall go in my car. Pishimaa says Kajol didn’t want to see you, stay away from her. Naina says this is not the right time to fight, and Arjun wants to help us. Rekha pacifies Pishimaa. Pishimaa continues to cry.

Dr. Anurag comes to the hospital to identify the dead body. He is about to go inside the morgue and reminisces Kajol and their meeting. Inspector asks him to come. Dr. Anurag goes inside. His hand trembles while he is about to lift the cloth and reminisces his mother’s dead body. He goes out of the morgue without seeing the dead body. Arjun, Rajesh, Shyam and others come there to identify the body. Dr. Anurag stands outside. They go inside. Inspector lifts the cloth.

Naina hugs Arjun seeing the dead body. Inspector shows Kajol’s bangles and watch. Apu says this is of bade didi. They all go out and cry. Arjun says who thought that Kajol will go like this, whatever happened was bad. Naina cries and says Didi. Dr. Anurag says I can’t believe that she can be Kajol, she can’t leave us.

Pishimaa prays to God to save Kajol. Chandrika calls Apu. He says what to tell him. Arjun says we will go home and inform. Anu asks Rekha if badi didi will be fine. Rekha calls Shyam. Shyam picks the call. Arjun asks Naina to be brave and says we can’t do anything about whatever happened. He says I will make everything fine. Dr. Anurag asks Arjun why did he come? Arjun says he came to identify Kajol’s dead body, with her family. Dr. Anurag asks him to be silent and says she can’t leave us.

Arjun says Apu has identified her. Dr. Anurag says Kajol has to do so many works, my heart is not accepting that she is Kajol. Arjun asks where is Kajol? Dr. Anurag says wherever she is, she is very stressed due to you. Arjun asks what are you saying? Dr. Anurag asks him not to show fake concern and says did you ever think how much she has suffered for your luxury car. She says she was roaming to get money for creditors, shradh, to save printing press and is always afraid that creditors don’t make her family homeless. He says she was managing money for the shradh now.

Rekha shouts and says she was our Kajol. She tells Chandana. Pishimaa says you have taken your daughter with you, we have given her pain. Naina and Apu continue to cry. Dr. Anurag says nobody shall cry, as I know Kajol is alive, she can’t die. He says if she is missing today, then you all are responsible. Nobody understood her, and living their own life, she was thinking about all of you, don’t know how is she, what she is bearing. He goes. Arjun asks what happened to Anurag, what is his relation with Kajol. Rajesh says may be Anurag babu got a deep trauma. Arjun says even I think so.

Pishimaa cries and says I have handled myself after Vishu left, now I can’t bear. Rekha says we have to make arrangements as they will bring Kajol. Pishimaa continues to cry. Inspector tells Shyam that they have to do paper work and asks them to wait.

Sharmila prays for Kajol’s well being. Dr. Abhishek asks did you talk to Anurag? Sharmila says no and calls him. Anurag checks the call and rejects it. He thinks she can’t be Kajol, I have to talk to her so much and hear from her. Inspector comes to him and tells that just now a girl is admitted to the hospital, accident case, she is in trauma and can’t tell anything rather than she wants to meet Dr. Anurag Basu. Anurag says Kajol. Inspector says she doesn’t remember anything and is just insisting to meet you.

Anurag thanks Inspector and asks about the hospital name. Inspector says City care hospital. Anurag goes there and runs inside. He asks the receptionist and comes running to Kajol’s ward. He sees Kajol and gets relieved. Kajol is unconscious on the hospital bed. He comes her and sits near her. He keeps hand on her head and looks on.

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Telecast Date:11th October 2021
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