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Thapki Pyaar Ki 5th November 2021 Episode starts with Thapki’s mother telling Purab that she knows that he came to drop Thapki for forever. Purab says it means you heard our conversation. Thapki’s mother says you might have not accepted us, but I have regarded you as my son, and asks him to listen to her request, and asks him not to leave her Thapki.

She says this world and society are very cruel and says whatever happened with me, if same thing happens with her, then she can’t bear. She says first Thapki’s father left us and then my voice was lost. She says if you leave my daughter, then people will call her abandoned wife. She says I don’t know how much time is left for me, I know that Thapki can’t face this world.

She says Thapki is scared of crowd, her feet get shaken up and her voice stammers. She says but she is having self respect and will not take anyone’s help. She says please help her, stand on her feet and asks him to promise her that he will never leave her daughter. She forwards her hand asking for promise and takes heavy breath. He sees her condition deteriorating and holds her hand promising her that he will never leave Thapki.

Thapki comes there and sees her mother condition deteriorating. Purab looks at her and shouts for Doctor. Doctor comes there and asks Purab and Thapki to go out. Thapki asks Purab if he had told her mother that he has left her. Purab looks on. Doctor comes out and tells that there is nothing serious, she will be monitored and then you can take her home. Ashok asks Thapki to go to her home. Thapki refuses to leave her mother.

Ashok says you have to take care of your house, and tells that you are bahu too. He asks her to do the rasam and aarti at home. Thapki says I can’t leave Maa. Ashok asks Purab to convince Thapki and take her home.

Thapki and Purab are in the car. Thapki asks Purab what did he talk to Maa? She asks if Maa got attack due to this? Purab recalls promising Thapki’s mother and his mother Veena’s words. He stops the car. She is about to get down.

He locks the doors of the car. Thapki asks where are we going and asks if he is kidnapping her, and says she has red chilli powder in her bag. Purab asks her to stay silent for sometime. Sapna tells Priyanka that Veena couldn’t sleep all night and tells that they shall enjoy. She tells loudly that Thapki’s tea was good. Priyanka says we can’t let Thapki stay here for the tea. Sapna says Sudha told that they spend the night together and tells that Purab might return with the baby.

Veena Devi asks her to control herself and not to make fun of her. She says this luxurious life is due to me. Dadi comes there and asks them to stop fighting. She asks Sapna and Veena to control their anger. Thapki asks Purab, if we are going back to hospital. Purab says no. She tries to open the door. He stops her. She says she will shout. He says the car is sound proof. He stops the car outside his house. Thapki is shocked.

Dadi tells Veena that she is wrong and prays that Purab brings Thapki back. Sapna says she was trying to make Veena understand. dadi asks her not to add spice to her words. Sapna thinks until Veena shows the favors, I will not leave taunting her. Purab comes there with Thapki.

Priyanka says Dadi’s wish is fulfilled. Thapki looks at Veena Devi and asks Purab why did he bring her back? Purab says because you are my wife and this house’s bahu. Thapki comes to Veena Devi and says you have chosen me and made me this house bahu, but forgive me, I couldn’t fulfill relation with your son. Veena Devi closes her eyes as Thapki stammers. Thapki keeps hand on Veena Devi’s hand. Veena pushes her and says your reflection is a sin for me. Thapki falls on Purab. Veena says if my voice got the bad sight, she practice singing and says my voice is good.

She says I was afraid, and thought that my voice will get problem too. Thapki says what are you saying Maa ji, you like me. Veena Devi asks her to maintain 2 feet distance with her, and asks why are you call my Maa ji. Thapki stammers and says I am your bahu. Veena Devi says the fraudsters are called imposters and not bahu. She says you stammers, but your mind works fast, and fooled me for so many days. She asks if her family are involved too.

Purab says Thapki’s family haven’t done anything, they are good people. Veena Devi says you have light ears, and tells that now she has to do, what she wanted him to do. Thapki tells that she has written letter for her, and tells that she has come to her practice room and told her the truth. Veena devi asks her not to lie. Thapki tries to remind her. Veena says if you had told the truth to me, then I would have pushed you out by now, and asks do you know why people stammers, as they have something on mouth and something on heart.

She says they have thief inside, and dirt inside. She says I don’t like dirt around me, and says people like you, if goes from near me, then I cancel my concert. She says if you have any respect for yourself then pack your stuff and leave from here. Sapna and Priyanka smile and look at each other. Thapki goes to her room bathroom. Purab says it is too late mom, do whatever you want, but Thapki will not go from this house now. Thapki cries in her room and looks at herself in the mirror. She recalls thinking to become like Veena Devi, and then Veena’s words. She cries badly and washes her face. She sits in the bathroom.

Veena Devi asks Purab what Thapki taught to him in a night. Purab says I don’t hate her for her problem, it is just that I don’t like her. Veena Devi asks why did you bring her back. Purab says when I went to her house, and met her family. He says they are good people and we don’t have right to do bad with them. Veena Devi asks what do you mean? He says I have decided to give a chance to Thapki and my relation. Veena Devi is shocked.


Thapki Pyaar Ki 6th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Thapki and Purab dance in the party. Her dress zip opens while dancing. He runs to her and zips her dress. Veena Devi thinks she can’t see this girl once and thinks to make sure that Purab throws Thapki out of the house.

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Telecast Date:5th November 2021
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