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Thapki Pyaar Ki 4th November 2021 Episode starts with Thapki asking Purab to take everything before going and takes out her bangles. She says from where I don’t get any respect, I have no interest to take jewellery and gifts from that house. Thapki’s mother hears her. Purab asks her to move from his way. He starts walking away and stops to look at her pallu getting stuck in his watch.

He looks at Thapki. Thapki looks at him with teary eyes and asks him to go, says I have freed you. She frees her dupatta off his watch and says from today your time will never stop. Thapki’s mother hears everything standing outside. Purab comes out of the room and walks towards the door. Thapki cries.

Thapki’s mother tries to stop him and recalls Sudha’s taunts that same thing might happen with her too. She finally calls Purab. Purab stops hearing her and looks back at her. Ashok, Anchun, Sudha, Preeti and Thapki come there. Thapki’s mother says stay back beta. Ashok says you can speak, it means your voice has returned. Thapki’s mother is in shock and faints. Purab runs and holds her. Thapki says Maa. Purab says we shall take her to hospital.

They rush her to the hospital. Doctor asks what happened? Ashok says she had lost her voice due to trauma, and today she spoke and fainted. Doctor says I will check her. He checks her and comes out. He says she got a heart attack, if we don’t do the operation then complication might start and she might lose her life.

Thapki moves back in shock. Ashok holds her. Thapki cries and hugs Ashok. Purab also feels bad. Sudha asks how much will be the expenses, doctor? Ashok asks what is this question? Sudha says from where we will get money? Purab asks doctor to start the operation and says expenses and paper work will be done. Thapki looks at him. Doctor goes inside.

Thapki goes to the temple in the hospital. Thapki’s mother is being operated by the doctor. Thapki prays to God not to snatch her mother from her, and says Papa has already left me, if Maa…she cries. The operation continues. Thapki continues to pray and says don’t listen to my prayers, but listen to my this prayer. After the operation,

Doctor gives her injection and comes out of OT. Thapki comes to Doctor and asks how is she now? Doctor says she was trying to speak, her blood pressure increased and that’s why she got heart stroke. Ashok asks how is she now? Doctor says she was critical, but is now stable. He says danger is not fully gone, and asks them not to talk to her about anything which gives her stress. Thapki asks can we meet her? Doctor says we are shifting her to ICU.

Vinod asks Veena to sleep. Veena says Purab is not picking my call. Vinod says it is not necessary that your son is like you. He says you wanted to get her, and after getting, you left her. He says may be Purab’s goodness is stopping him from leaving Thapki. Thapki takes Purab to side, and asks why my mother took your name. She asks if she heard us? He says I don’t think so. She says then she got the stroke. She says anyways, you saved my mother’s right, and says I can’t repay your favours.

He says favour, and says I did what I could. She says you don’t accept this marriage, then with what right you have done this. She asks him to tell the amount which he spent here, and says I will repay it to you slowly. Purab says he helped her, and don’t calculate. Thapki says she is my mother. He says if they have no saas and damad relation, then humanity relation is also not there. He asks her to chill and not to talk about returning the money, tells that it is good that she will recover. Thapki thanks him and asks him to go to his home and world. She says I will see, what to do for my mother.

Veena Devi says I have thought about my son’s benefit. Vinod says son or your betterment. She says you are praising her, just as you drank tea made by her. Vinod says Thapki is also someone’s daughter and asks what will you tell the world, that one day you got them married and other day you threw the girl out. Thapki asks Ashok about her mother. He says she will gain consciousness soon.

Thapki asks her mother to get up else she will get angry with her. She looks at her through window pane. Sudha says your mother is upset with you and asks what happened, which made her get heart attack. She says your marriage happened, then why don’t you let us live peacefully. Purab hears her and says thapki needs your support and not bitter taunts. Sudha says I was not taunting her, my heart is clear. He says silence is better than saying something bitter. She says we shall go to shera wali and pray. They go. Purab asks Ashok and Anchun to go and rest. He says thapki and I will be here.

Veena Devi says I will handle this too, just like I handled business and home. Vinod says this is the problem, you run the house as business, and not with love. Veena Devi says thank you for support till here, I will manage after this alone.

Purab comes to Thapki. Thapki asks what do you want to do? He asks her to drink tea else it will get cold. He sits beside her, and asks her to drink tea, says your mom needs you a lot. He gets up and goes. Thapki takes tea and drinks. She sleeps there. Purab comes to her and finds her sleeping. He takes blanket from the wardboy and takes tea glass from her hand. He then covers her with blanket. He gets Veena’s call and rejects it. He thinks to call her after Thapki’s mother gains consciousness.

In the morning, Doctor informs Purab that patient got consciousness and wants to meet someone. Purab says I will wake up her daughter. Doctor says she wants to meet Purab. He says he is Purab. Doctor asks him not to talk anything which gives her stress. He says ok and thinks what she wants to say.

Purab goes to Thapki’s mother and says aunty you want to talk to me. She says you called me aunty, it means you have thrown this relation from your heart. He is about to say. Thapki’s mother says I knew that you had come to drop Thapki forever. Purab says it means you heard our conversation. She nods her head.

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