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Thapki Pyaar Ki 28th October 2021 Episode starts with Purab blaming Thapki for crossing all the limits this time. He says you have done a cheap thing. Thapki is in shock. Purab says I want…Ashok asks him to stop and says don’t think our silence as our weakness. He says Thapki’s father is not here, but her Mama is still alive for her.

He says without knowing the truth, how can you blame our daughter? He says we didn’t teach her to snatch other’s right and taught her to fight for her rights. Purab says it seems you are also involved. Veena Devi asks if he has forgotten his values, and says everyone is in shock after whatever happened. She asks Sapna to say. Sapna says I asked to call Hansika, and her name was written on the room door. Purab says it is not Mom, Tai ji, Hansika or Thapki’s mistake, then whose mistake is this?

Priyanka says I will tell and tells that it is an outsider’s mistake, who kept the wrong names board on the doors, and that’s how this has happened. Thapki says I…Purab asks her to be silent and says I don’t accept this accident and asks Pandit to rectify it. Pandit ji says you have filled sindoor in her maang and made her wear mangalsutra, then how you are refusing to accept this marriage.

Purab says this marriage can’t become hanged rope for me, and refuses to accept the marriage and Thapki. He hits on the pillar and the chandelier falls down. The ghatbandhan cloth falls down on the havan fire and catches fire. Thapki tries to set off the fire. The pillars catch fire. Veena Devi calls Thapki. Another chandelier is about to fall on Thapki. Purab saves her. Just then the pots kept on the mandap hits on her head. Purab holds her as she faints. Armaan and others try to set off the fire.

Purab lifts Thapki and takes her from there. He kicks the kalash unknowingly and steps on the colored water and climbs the stairs. Dadi and Veena devi see this. Dadi says all rasams are completed, it seems Mata Rani wanted Thapki and Purab to be together. Purab brings Thapki to his room and keeps her on the bed. He gets upset looking at the decoration.

Hansika calls Veena Devi out of the house and says she wanted to thank her personally. She asks if everything is fine at home. Veena Devi says you had tried, but I have handled everything. She says it was cheap to trapped Thapki. Hansika says so what I would have done? I will not ruin my name. Veena Devi asks her to go and says you shall not call or email Purab or me. Hansika says I helped you so much.

Veena Devi says I got you admitted in the school, where you couldn’t get admission even after 7 births. Hansika says you have helped yourself, and shows that she is getting the call. She says Purab and Thapki’s marriage will not stand, and he will continue to call me, and says it is my challenge. Veena Devi challenges her that Thapki and Purab’s marriage will work and asks her to see. Hansika says lets see, I have to go and catch the flight. She goes. Vinod comes there and sees Hansika going.

Ashok tells his sister about the name plate changing. Doctor checks Thapki and says there is no internal injury. Purab looks at her. Vinod asks why Hansika came here? Veena Devi says she is not our bahu. He asks if she is happy. She says yes, I wanted Thapki to marry Purab and it happened? Vinod asks if you are blaming God for your doings. Veena Devi praises Thapki.

Vinod says if Purab is not happy, then nobody will be happy. Ashok asks Purab to give a chance to Thapki and says she will not upset you. Her mother comes there and folds her hand. Ashok says my sister has fulfilled both parents’ duties and asks him not to give her pain. He takes out his turban before him. Veena Devi comes there and says I have more experienced than you, and says Thapki is right girl and will make your life better. Purab says why don’t you understand that I got married.

He says you might have known about Thapki’s truth. He says wrong and says I will tell you her truth. Veena devi says my eyes have tested her, ears have heard and heart has felt her. She says I don’t have doubt on my choice. He recalls her hatred for stammering people and asks if she is so sure about thapki. Veena Devi says just like I am sure about my surs. She tells Ashok and Thapki’s mom that everything will be fine with time, even Purab too.

Sudha and Preeti stop Priyanka and say bye. Priyanka says bye. Sudha asks her to give 5 lakhs Rs. Priyanka says Thapki’s saas is changed, so you will not get anything. Sudha says you are threatening me and says I will get your name spoiled in your family. Priyanka asks them to keep her truth posted on social networking site and says she doesn’t care. Sudha and Preeti get upset.

Ashok asks Thapki, how is she feeling now? Thapki says Mama ji, Maa….my marriage happened with Purab. Ashok says yes. Thapki asks why did Mata Rani do this with me? She says she don’t like him, how she will accept her life. Her mother asks her to forget the past and think about future. She signs that Dadi and Veena Devi talked to Purab and now he has no problem. She asks her to keep the respect of her mayka and get sindoor filled by his hand. Ashok tells her as her mother signs her. Her mother gives Mata Rani’s idol to her. Ashok tells Thapki that Mata Rani will show her right way. He says we will leave now. Thapki hugs her mother and cries. Her mother signs her to smile. Ashok asks her to come and she leaves.

Armaan thinks of Thapki and gets sad thinking of her marriage with Purab. Sapna knocks on the door and asks him to talk to her. Purab is still angry. Dadi comes to Purab and says a storm came today in this house and rolled up your life. She asks him to go to his room and asks him to agree to Dadi’s sayings. Purab goes to his room and takes off his sherwani. Thapki comes there and shouts seeing him shirtless. She asks him to wear his clothes. He wears the sherwani and asks her to go from there.

She asks him to stay away. He says you have entered my house and family and asking me to stay away. Thapki picks the knife and says I know what is in your mind, which is in every guy’s heart and says all this set up and flowers. Purab says you are fool to think of this. Thapki says I have seen in films, that guys become haiwaan on first night of marriage. He says you don’t know how is haiwaan. He takes his vest from cupboard and asks did I ever tell you, what kind of girl you are.

He says you are smart and clever and can do anything. He says you have fooled my mother and says you are betrayal and makes innocent people’s mad. Thapki says you are negative person, and says I haven’t done anything. Purab says I know your truth, you have become bahu of this house, but can’t become my wife and soul mate.

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