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Thapki Pyaar Ki 27th October 2021 Episode starts with Priyanka bringing the bride and making her sit beside Purab. Veena devi thinks I have written your destiny Thapki, and you will become my bahu only. Hansika’s parents come there. Nandini says I couldn’t bring my daughter to the mandap.

Mukul says atleast you should have informed us no problem. Veena Devi smiles. Pandit ji asks bride and groom’s parents to sit. Both of their parents sit. Veena Devi sees Hansika’s face in the mirror. Hansika winks her eyes at her. Veena Devi thinks how did this happen? I saw Priyanka going to Thapki’s room.

Hansika messages Veena devi that she is the tigress who can’t bite, and writes that she was doubtful when she saw her coming here. She says then I heard Priyanka coming there and came out of the room, and came with her. She says game was yours, but I have won. She messages don’t take tension, I will not tell anyone and keep up my mother in law respect. Priyanka thinks who had changed the name boards.

Armaan gets up and says I will be back. Priyanka signs Sudha. Sudha goes behind Armaan and asks him where is he going? Armaan says he is going to meet Thapki. Sudha says she can’t talk to you, as she is keeping maun vrat, and will speak after marriage. Purab thinks don’t know if Armaan knows the truth and thinks to talk to her.

Sudha asks Priyanka to give the money. Priyanka says she didn’t get time to withdraw money, will withdraw money from ATM once the marriage happens. Veena Devi prays to the God to stop this marriage. Just then she gets a call that London school of music have agreed and wants to talk to you. Veena Devi asks him to wait and makes Hansika hears that her candidate Hansika is selected for London School of Music.

Veena whispers in her ears that she has got a good chance. Hansika says you got late. Veena Devi asks her to think, such chance don’t come again. Hansika gets thinking. Pandit ji asks bride’s parents to do their daughter’s kanyadaan. Mukul asks Hansika to forward her hand. Hansika throws some powder in the havan and the havan fire sets off and the smoke comes out from it.

Everyone coughs. Hansika says I will drink water and come. She goes. Veena Devi asks Sargam to bring the bride, just as she gets fine. Anchun asks Thapki’s mother to come, and says you shall fit to see Thapki’s marriage. Sapna says it is inauspicious. Dadi asks her to be quiet. Veena says it is good shagun. Purab thinks when I will get chance to tell Thapki’s truth to Armaan and Mom. Sargam brings Thapki and makes her sit beside Purab for the marriage. Hansika gets happy reading the message that her admission happened, and says London, I come. She says I shall do last work before going to London.

Veena Devi asks Pandit ji to begin chanting the mantras. Thapki prays to God and says I hope you have written my story well. Pandit ji asks Mukul to do the ghatbandhan. Mukul ties the ghatbandhan. Pandit ji asks the bride to forward her hand. Veena Devi asks her. Thapki forwards her hand. Mukul holds her hand along with Purab’s hand. She thinks if Papa would have done her kanyadaan then her happiness would have doubled.

Dadi asks Sargam to keep the rice kalash and kumkum thaali there, as grah pravesh will happen from here. Sargam keeps the kalash and the thaali. Pandit ji asks them to exchange the garlands. Veena Devi smiles as they exchange garlands. Pandit ji says just as this marriage completes, you will be bound together for 7 births and in a strong bond. They start the rounds. Mantras are played.

Veena Devi happily throws the flower petals. Sudha tells that she will win and will get money. Pandit ji asks the bride to come forward and take the remaining rounds. They take the rounds. Mukul gets emotional. Pandit ji says rounds are completed and asks Purab to fill her maang with sindoor. Purab fills her hairline with sindoor. Veena Devi smiles. Purab then makes the bride wear mangalsutra. Everyone smiles.

Pandit ji congratulates Veena Devi and all, and says marriage is completed. Everyone claps. Hansika comes there and sees Purab sitting with someone. She asks why everyone is congratulating, I am here. Thapki hears her. Purab gets up and stands shocked. He lifts Thapki’s ghunghat and sees her face shockingly. Armaan gets shocked too. Thapki’s family is also shocked. Sapna, Priyanka and others stay shocked too. Ashok says Thapki.

Thapki looks at Purab shocked. Sapna says what has happened, Purab and Thapki’s marriage. Veena devi acts and asks what is all this? Purab asks Thapki what she is doing here? Thapki says I….Nandini asks Hansika what is this drama? Hansika says don’t shout mom, my head is paining badly with headache.

She says when the smoke came out from havan kund, I went to drink water and then I don’t remember anything. Nandini asks what do you mean, whose mistake is this? Purab says the mistake is of this girl and says you have shown your true colors. Ashok says Purab beta. Purab says please, this is the matter of my life. He asks Thapki why did you do this? Hansika thinks they will continue to fight, I shall clear mom and dad’s name and shall leave from here, have to do packing also.

She tells Purab that her parents are insulted, he just thinks about himself. Purab says I will make everything fine. Hansika says didn’t you hear what Pandit ji tell, that you have 7 births relation with this girl. She says I don’t want to stay here, I want to go very far. She asks her mom and dad to come. Purab tries to stop her and breaks the ghatbandhan. He then blames Thapki for entering his company and giving auditions on other’s name and says you tried to do all the possible things to get success, but today you have crossed all the limits. He says you have done a cheap thing today. Thapki is in tears.

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