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Thapki Pyaar Ki 23rd November 2021 Episode starts with Purab getting a call from Hansika’s mobile. He asks who are you? He comes to know about something and tells Thapki about Hansika’s accident. Purab and Thapki come there.

A guy tells that he found her unconscious on the road and brought her here. He gives her phone and returns. Doctor comes there and tells Purab that Hansika’s bone is broken and needs unique blood. Purab says her blood will match with her parents. Thapki insists to give her blood and says I have Bombay blood group too. Doctor says ok, I will organize for the transfusion. Mukul comes to the hospital and says their blood group is rare and that’s why they stay protected.

Purab says Thapki and your blood group is also same. Mukul says yes. Purab asks Thapki to rest and not to act brave. He goes. Mukul thanks Thapki for giving her blood. Thapki says I am also like your daughter and think that I have given blood to my sister. He says from today, I have two daughters. He blesses her.

Thapki’s phone rings. Mukul gives her phone. Thapki says it was my mother’s call, she might be worried as I come to the hospital. Mukul asks her to talk to her and goes. He asks Doctor, how is she? Doctor says transmission is successful and asks him to complete the formalities. Thapki talks to Jaya and tells that they came to hospital as Hansika is admitted here. Purab asks Thapki to come and sit there. Thapki looks at the juice cartoon and says it is very less for me. Purab says it is for me too.

She says may be we shall wait here all night.Thapki drinks the juice and smiles. They start singing the song. Thapki hears him watching the same song and says why are you copying me and hearing my favorite song. He says even I can say this. Thapki says if you don’t feel bad, then we can share the song too. She says your phone battery will be saved. He says ok. She gives her ear plugs to her. Suddenly she starts singing. Purab looks at her surprisingly. She realizes and stops singing. They fall asleep and sleep.

Next day, Mukul wakes up Purab and Thapki and says Hansika got consciousness and wants to meet you both. Doctor checks Hansika and says she will be fine in 1-2 weeks. Anjali asks about her discharge. Doctor says she can go now itself. Anjali sees Thapki and Purab there and asks what are they doing here?

Mukul asks her not to do drama in hospital. Anjali says they deserve it and says if Hansika had not gone to that concert then she wouldn’t have met with an accident. Purab says if things were in my hands, then I would have change. He says she needs rest at this time. Anjali says I am there to take care of my daughter. She says they both gave pain to Hansika, and this pain is nothing infront of that.

Hansika says leave it mom. Anjali says whenever they come in her life, something bad happens to her. She asks Hansika why did she go and save Veena Devi’s event, who hates her so much. She says you will not have any relation with Purab and her family. Hansika says Purab is my childhood friend and his family is like mine.

She says Thapki saved my life and now she is like my family too. Anjali asks have you gone mad to make her part of your family who ruined your marriage. She says if you want to have relation with them, then I will break relation with you. She says I have no place for you in my house. Mukul says your daughter is here, and you are doing drama. Anjali threatens to leave the house and asks about Hansika’s decision.

Rohit talks to his friends that Sargam is a gold laying hen and is foolish too, as she thinks that I don’t know that she gave money to Vicky Ratnani for the photo shoot. He sees Anchun hearing them and tries to stop him. Anchun says he will go and tell the truth to Sargam. He rides away.

Veena Devi is getting the Shanti puja done at home. Dadi asks Veena where is Thapki and Purab. Veena calls Purab. Purab says we are coming in 5 mins. Pandit ji asks them to keep the kalash on the door. Veena Devi asks her to keep the kalash on the door. Veena Devi prays that they shall be saved from the black reflection.

They see Purab and Thapki coming there. Priyanka has kept the kalash there. Hansika comes there and pretends to stumble. Purab holds her. Thapki also holds her. Hansika steps on the colored water. Purab asks are you okay? Veena, Dadi and others are shocked. They walk inside leaving their footsteps on the floor. Veena Devi is shocked to see the trio foot prints on the floor.

Hansika looks at the foot prints and thinks her grah pravesh happened here, and thinks very soon she will throw Thapki out and Purab will be in her life. Sapna gets happy. Priyanka says grah pravesh happened, look at their foot prints. Veena Devi asks them to stop and says two troubles have come with you. Purab says Hansika had an accident. Veena Devi says she shall go to her house and says my house is not dharmshala.

Hansika recalls, telling that she can’t choose one. Anjali asks her to choose. Hansika says I will stay in hotel, ashram or road for 21 days, but will not return home on your conditions. She says the ones who supported and helped me, I can’t break my relation with them. Anjali says you are like your father and goes upset.

Mukul says don’t know what has happened to her. Hansika says she will stay in a hotel for 21 days, until she returns. Thapki says you regard us as a family, so you shall stay in our house. Mukul says how she can stay there. Thapki says Hansika will stay there as my sister. Fb ends. Hansika says mother in law. Veena devi stops her. Hansika says Veena aunty and says I am sorry, I know this is your house, and you want to know the reason, but I can’t discuss my family matters infront of everyone.

Sapna says you want to stay here and don’t want to say. Priyanka says it will be complicated, as it was about to be your sasural. Veena Devi asks Hansika to keep her mouth shut. Hansika tells Thapki that she shouldn’t have come here, and says you didn’t listen to me, I knew that I will get insulted here. Veena Devi says so this came from your mind. Hansika smiles and asks her not to get upset with Thapki, and says she just wanted to help me. She says I will stay in a hotel. Purab says you will not go anywhere Hansika and holds her hand.


Thapki Pyaar Ki 24th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap : Sapna tells Veena who will go out of Purab’s life, Thapki, Hansika. Priyanka says or Chachi. Veena Devi gets angry on Thapki for bringing Hansika here, and says Purab has filled your maang, but this house is not yours. Purab says yes, this house is yours, we are your slaves. He says this house belongs to Thapki as well, as it belongs to me.

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Telecast Date:23rd November 2021
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