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Thapki Pyaar Ki 1st November 2021 Episode starts with Thapki coming to Purab and signing what happened? He continues to look at her. Thapki asks what? She says you look like gentleman, but your staring habit is bad. He says you look fraud and is also fraud. She asks if he is not tired of fighting with her and asks what is his problem?

Purab says you are problem, when you talk to me, you talk with speedbreaker and when you talk to mom, direct highway. He says how did Mom not know about your stammering problem? Thapki says already she has cleared this thing with her. She says all your family members know about my truth. She recalls Sudha telling Sapna knows about her.

Thapki asks him not to call her fraud. He says you are having a misunderstanding and tells that Mom hates people like you. He says if you go out for muh dikhayi, then world war 3 will start. He says I will lock you here, so that you don’t come. She says she is ready for it. Purab says you will thanks me later. He goes out locking her.

Anchun and Sargam are outside. She says she don’t wear road side stuff and throws at him. Just then muddy water falls on her clothes, as the speedy car goes from there. He asks her to change the clothes if she wants. She changes the clothes and wears the clothes which Anchun brought. Sargam comes home. A guest likes her guest.

The media comes there and asks Veena Devi about the bride swapping on the mandap and asks if her bahu is her heir. Veena Devi gives the interview to the media. Sapna asks Priyanka to go to Thapki, but the latter refuses. Purab waits to talk to Veena. Sapna comes to Purab’s room and opens the door. She asks Thapki, why the door was closed.

Thapki says someone might have done it mistakenly. Sapna asks her to come. Thapki asks her to ask Purab. Sapna says Purab is downstairs and asks her to come. She covers her head with veil and takes her downstairs. Purab thinks to stop her from getting on the stage, and thinks she is selfish to come out.

Veena Devi takes Thapki to the stage and makes her sit. Everyone smiles. Veena Devi says I know you have many questions, and says all will be answered too. She praises her voice to be of Saraswati and says she is happy to introduce her to everyone. She lifts her veil, and says she is my bahu, my heir Thapki. She says now she will sing infront of us, which will prove that my choice can’t be wrong. Sapna says Veena will sing, but she will say few words to praise our family. Veena Devi gives the mic to her.

Purab gets tensed and thinks to switches off the mic. He switches off the mic, and takes off the plugs. Thapki says I want to tell infront of you, that I learnt singing hearing her, and today I became her bahu. Purab thinks thank god, nobody is listening to her voice. She stammers while saying bahu. Veena Devi gets shocked of her life and looks at Thapki shockingly. Everyone looks on. Thapki says thank you Veena ji.

Priyanka and Sapna smiles. Thapki says sorry, I will call you sasumaa. She says thank you sasumaa and touches her feet. Sapna says bomb can blast at anytime. Priyanka and Sapna laughs. Veena Devi looks at Thapki and smiles. Sapna thinks why bomb (Veena Devi) is not blasting her anger on her. Veena Devi says my bahu is very good and sanskari. Purab signs her to be quiet. Thapki says it is your….stammers.

Veena devi takes laddoo and feeds in Thapki’s mouth, to stop her from telling anything. Reporter takes the pics. Veena devi asks the guests to make prasad laddoo eaten to her. She then feeds another laddoo in her mouth. Reporter says we are eagerly waiting to hear her singing, we couldn’t hear her due to mic problem. Thapki is about to start singing. Veena Devi pretends to fall down on the stage. Purab runs to the stage and holds her. Dadi asks Sagar to handle the guests and bid them adieu with respect.

Priyanka says nothing happened. Sapna says we couldn’t see what has happened. She asks her to come with her. Veena Devi is on the bed and pretends to be unconscious. Sargam asks Purab to call the doctor. Veena Devi holds his hand and says don’t call Doctor. Purab says you are unwell. She asks how can I be fine? She says my bahu’s voice…She says I will not accept Thapki as my bahu. She says I couldn’t see Thapki, and says I was fooled by her. Vinod says you have done so much drama to make her as your bahu and now saying this. Purab says did you talk to her even for 2 mins, when I was aware of her truth, then how come you don’t know. Veena Devi asks did you hide this from me to take revenge from me.

Thapki is making kada for Veena Devi and tells Priyanka and Sapna, that she made Kada for her. Sapna says real drama will start now. Purab says I am running behind you since morning, but you didn’t want to listen to me. He says you have time for everything, and when I want to talk to you, you don’t have time for me, now Thapki is tied to me.

Thapki tells Sapna that she is feeling bad for Veena ji. Sapna asks her to go and make her drink kada. Veena devi regrets to make her as her bahu. Purab says everyone has weakness, and tells that he is not having any problem with her weakness, but he will never love her, she is different from me. Veena Devi says good, I don’t want you to love you. I asked you to accept her as your wife, forget it.

She says neither you accept her as your wife, nor I will accept her as my heir. She says we shall throw her out right now. Vinod says she is our bahu. Veena Devi says don’t accept her. She says this marriage happened with mistake. Vinod asks her to sit and takes a breath. Veena Devi says my bahu can’t speak, how can I do this mistake? She says she is Padmashri award winner and will not accept Thapki. She says she will convince Amma, but can’t bear Thapki now. Thapki comes there. Veena Devi looks at her.

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