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Thapki Pyaar Ki 10th November 2021 Episode starts with Purab coming to Ashok’s house and tells that he got aunty’s doctor call, and he told that her surgery of vocal chords needs to be done, else she may lose her voice. Ashok says she complained of throat pain today. Purab asks her not to worry about the expenses.

Ashok asks if Thapki knows? Purab says don’t tell her, else she will be in tension. Dadi tells Vinod, that Thapki has handled herself, don’t know if Veena will come or not. Vinod says she has come, wearing the same saree given by you. Thapki’s mother thanks Purab for keeping her words and asks if he told anything to Thapki. Veena tells that new start will happen, and Lakshmi puja will be grand too.

Thapki’s mother tells Purab that she makes new clothes for Thapki every year, but this year I made something for you also. She asks Purab to wear it for Lakshmi pujan and says I will be happy. Veena Devi asks Thapki not to be the part of the celebration today. Thapkis mother asks him to send their pic too, and says I will think I celebrated Diwali with you both. Purab says ok, I will take the clothes and asks her to rest.

Dadi says this can’t happen. Veena asks her to keep her words. Vinod says you can’t stop our bahu from doing puja. Veena Devi says she shall go to her house and do puja, shall stay back there. She says she can’t light diyas here, after splashing the darkness here. Dadi says you are doing injustice with your bahu, I can do the same, but I will not do this and asks her not to think her love as her weakness.

Veena devi asks her not to take her lightly and tells that it is her stubbornness not to let her attend the puja. Thapki asks Dadi not to feel bad, tells that she will stay in her room like Maa ji wants. Vinod says we are standing for you, and you are backing off, why? Thapki says love happens by itself and not by force or helplessness. She says it is ok, I will sit in my room. Priyanka and Sapna enjoy seeing the drama. Priyanka asks her to wait for the evening tamasha. Sapna says thapki will be locked in the room, if it is not enough.

Thapki recalls her mother’s and Veena’s words. Purab comes there and keeps the clothes on the bed, telling that her mom sent this. Thapki checks and finds clothes for Purab and herself. Purab washes his face. Thapki thinks I will not go out of my room for Maa ji’s happiness. She says I will wear these clothes and celebrate Diwali in this room. She says thank you Maa.

Purab comes out of the bathroom and looks at Thapki ready in the dress sent by her mother. Thapki ties the flowers in her hair. Purab turns and looks at her. He comes to her and helps her to tie the flowers. She gives him pin. He ties the pin.

Thapki calls him and asks if he will not wear the kurta given by Maa. She asks him to please wear it and celebrate Diwali, both mothers will be happy. He asks her not to tell him what he shall do. Dadi tells Veena Devi that Purab will not come here, as Veena refused to let Thapki come here. Purab thinks of Thapki’s words. Veena Devi calls Purab and asks him to come for puja. He ends the call. Veena tells that Purab will attend this puja through me.
Thapki lights the lamps when the lights goes off.

She is about to go out, but then stops. Purab comes out and hears Dadi telling that Mata Rani is upset as the lakshmi of the house is asked to be locked in the room. Purab asks what did you say? Dadi says this is wrong. Purab goes inside the room. Thapki asks what happened to the lights. Purab says fuse went and no electrician is ready to come. He says Dadi is very sad. She says I have an idea so that light comes in the house and smile on Dadi’s face. Veena Devi says I will call electricity dept.

Thapki makes diyas with Purab. Veena Devi says they are telling that it is not their responsibility as only we don’t have the lights. She tells everyone that Mata Rani is upset with that girl, due to whom Diwali is celebrated in darkness.

Thapki and Purab bring the diyas out. He tells Dadi that every year her Diwali was brightened, so even this year. Dadi asks everyone to keep the diyas. Sapna tells Priyanka that even they shall keep the diyas, so that when drama starts, they can see Veena’s face. Veena Devi looks at them, as they keep the diyas. Purab and Thapki come to Dadi. Dadi says now no electrician shall be called, we got the lights. She asks them to come and do the puja.

She tells Veena Devi that the same persons will do puja who got us rid of darkness. Thapki and Purab do the aarti together. Thapki recalls her mother’s words. Purab also recalls Thapki’s mother’s words. Thapki recalls asking him to wear it and celebrate Diwali for both the mothers. Priyanka says real bomb will be blast now. Thapki gives aarti to everyone. She comes near Veena Devi. Veena Devi ignores her. Thapki walks to others and give them aarti. Dadi says it is the start of a new beginning in real means.

Purab thinks of Thapki’s mother’s words and asks Thapki to come, as her mom asked him to send the pic. He click their selfie. Sargam says husband and wife are taking pic alone, and says we shall click the family pic. Purab clicks the family selfie. Just then everyone gets the message and gets shocked. Priyanka says this can’t happen. Sapna says what is this? Purab checks it. Thapki also checks the video in which Thapki telling that she is getting tortured by Veena Devi and needs justice.

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