Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 8th October 2021 Written Episode Update


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Mahi says what are you doing? Jogi says I don’t need to tell you. Mahi says you and I are one. And you can’t start your new journey with drinking. He says I don’t need your lecture. Mahi says I know you need me the most. No matter what you say. Mahi brings Jogi out and says start the shooting. I will help Jogi. I will dance with him. Everyone is shocked. The director says what is this?

MAhi says give us one chance. We will make up for all your time wasted. He says this man can’t even lipsync. Mahi says I am here. His wife, to help him. The director says are you sure he can do it? Mahi says yes you will love his performance. He says okay I will see. Mahi says can I dance my own way? He says okay. Jogi says but sir.. He says do what your wife is saying.

Mahi looks at Avnit. She says Jogi wow this look like movies. Jogi says I asked you not to come here. Why you doing this favor on me? Mahi says I am your wife. We promised to give each other strength. You don’t know how fast did I drive to come here. I won’t leave you that easily. I am always with you and will always be. Jogi says if you don’t like me singing then why force support me? Mahi says I am your wife. We fight and love but never leave each other. We can fight when we go home. Let’s do the work.

Mahi hugs Jogi and says I am with you and will always be. Jogi hugs her back. Avnit looks at them and gets mad. Jogi says today when I needed you the most you weren’t here. Mahi says sorry. I won’t ever leave you alone now. He says let me see your room. Mahi says I can’t fight with you anymore. I won’t let Avnit succeed now. Mahi will be with her Jogi.

Scene 2
Avnit slaps Chanda. Arjun says control yourself. Chanda says I had to run so Mahi couldn’t see my face. Avnit says next time only do what I say. Arjun says what do we do next? What are you planning to do? Avnit says nothing. Mahi’s rules are important for her. I know Mahi won’t wear the dress the director wants her to wear.

The director takes out short dresses and tells Mahi you will wear this. Mahi says no sir.. I can’t wear this. He says I selected this dress and you will have to wear it. Mahi says I can’t. He says it’s my set and I decide what people wear here. You’ve to wear this dress. Mahi says sorry but I won’t. He says then let’s cancel the shoot. Jogi’s wife doesn’t want to wear director’s chosen dress. Go and do Jagratas. Jogi’s game is over. Mahi says okay I will wear it. Don’t cancel the shoot. He says get her ready.

Avnit says now the director will come out and say shoot cancelled. The director comes out and says get things ready. Mahi looks at the dress.

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Telecast Date:8th October 2021
Distributed By :Zee Tv And Zee5


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