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Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 7th September 2021 Avnit says to herself that soon Jogi and Mahi’s relationship will break. Rupa comes there and says the truth is out now. I would have lost you if the truth didn’t come out. You always care about others. Avnit says this family’s happiness is my happiness. Rupa says Jogi’s happiness is with you only. She gives her bangles and says I got these made for my daughter in law so I am giving it to you. Avnit says what? Rupa says I want you to become Jogi’s wife. Avnit says but Jogi and Mahi love each other. Rupa says no, only Jogi loves her, Mahi just hurt him. Your mother in law is with you so do anything to make Jogi yours. She leaves. Avnit is elated and says she accepted me as Jogi’s wife, soon I will have a right on Jogi’s mangalsutra.

Mahi is crying in her room and recalls how Jogi took Avnit’s side. She says I feel our relationship is weakening. Avnit comes there and gives Rupa’s bangles to her. Mahi asks what are you doing? Avnit says Rupa thinks I am the right life partner for Jogi. Mahi says I love Jogi, I am his wife and I can kill for him. Avnit says I know, I just came to tell you that Jogi is yours, I mean no harm. I want Jogi to be happy as I am his friend. Mahi asks what do you want? Avnit says I just want this fight between us to end. Our fight is hampering Jogi’s career so we need to end it. I just want Jogi to succeed, can you give me that right? Avnit smirks and leaves from there. Mahi looks at Rupa’s bangles in anger.

Avnit’s dad asks Avnit why did you make Mahi believe that Jogi is hers? Avnit says it’s a big game so I was fooling Mahi. This way I will win over Jogi easily.

Mahi tells Renu that Avnit is playing a game, she can do anything to get Jogi. Renu says what will you do now? Avnit is winning in her games. Mahi says I will bring her truth out, I won’t let her hurt my family. If she is crazy then I am crazy for Jogi, she can’t break us.

Scene 2
In the morning, Jogi is ignoring Mahi. She tries to give him a shirt but he doesn’t talk to her. Mahi acts like vomiting and rushes to the washroom. Jogi rushes to her and asks if she is fine? Mahi comes out and falls in his arms. He asks what happened? Mahi says it’s a good news? Jogi gets excited and says really? He lifts her and says we are going to be parents now? Mahi laughs the good news that you still love you, the good news that you are talking to me again. Jogi sighs and moves away. Mahi says we have to become parents so don’t be angry at me. We decided to not be a boring couple and end our fights. Jogi says some things can’t be ignored. Mahi hugs him and says remember we were blamed and they had proof against us but later we were proved right. Jogi says if Akash is right then why would he accept his crime? Mahi says he was helpless. Let’s forget all that, I trust my brother, you trust your friend so can’t we just move on with trust on each other? Jogi sighs. Mahi sadly starts leaving but Jogi grabs her and says you know how to pacify. Mahi says my work is done so I am going. Jogi says you have to give me attention now. Mahi hugs him and says I will make your favorite food. Avnit hides and glares at them.

Mahi is making food for Jogi. Renu says what will you do about Avnit? Mahi says I have to keep my family on my side if I have to fight her. I have to pacify Jogi with this food.

Avnit is making food that Jogi likes. Mahi comes in the kitchen and asks what are you doing? Avnit says I wanted to eat this food. Mahi says enough, I know you are making this for food, you can do this drama with Beeji but not with me. This is not your family and you have no right on Jogi so go and rest in your room. Mahi starts taking her out of there but Rupa comes there and glares at her.

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Telecast Date:7th September 2021
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