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Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 7th October 2021 Jogi throws the phone and says I don’t need her now. avnita hugs her and says calm down please. She says in heart now you will see how he doesn’t need you anymore Mahi. Avnita says I thought she would come here on your important day I was wrong. If I knew her ego was so big I wouldn’t have given you a false hope. Jogi says it’s my fault. I shouldn’t have any home.

Mahi says I know what game are you playing Avnit. I will reach today. Mahi says to the woamn (chanda) I will find you another car. I can’t take you any further. Mahi looks for a taxi. Chanda comes.. A bike drives Chanda falls. Mahi says she fell on her belly yet nothing happened to her? Mahi asks who are you? Chanda runs. Mahi runs after ehr but falls. Mahi says you can’t stop me Avnit.

Scene 2
Biji says I feel so good Rupa. Rupa says Avnit will make Jogi a superstar. Biji says Mahi couldn’t do what Avnit has done. Rupa says now you are taking her side? She says just saying the truth. Biji says our Jogi will be famous. We will go with him on tours. Rupa says my Jogi will be successful.

Mahi starts driving back. Chanda says I need to tell Avnit that Mahi is on her way. Her car breaks. Avnit says to Jogi I know you’re hurt. When you love someone and don’t the importance you need, your heart breaks. When there are differences in the hearts, relationships are only dragged. Jogi says let’s go home. arjun says how can you leave the shoot? So much money is invested. Everything is there. No one is leaving. Jogi says I know your trouble but I can’t do this dance. Arjun says audience wants style and dance in the video. It’s a music video. All singers dance in their video. Avnit says this is your chance. Jogi says I don’t feel like it. Arjun says I am your producer and I decide what you. If you don’t I will get your tabela and cows sold. Avnit says enough. don’t say things that you might regret later. Arjun says I don’t want anyone to regret that’s why I am saying this. He says Jogi come with me, I need to talk to you. Jogi says why alone? Talk in front of Avnit. Arjun says Avnit please.. avnit leaves the room.

Mahi drives very fast. Mahi says I won’t let you win this time Avnit. arjun says think like a bachelor. Forget that you’re married. They are just doing their job. Have sip of this wine and you will do good. Jogi recalls promising Mahi he won’t ever drink again. Jogi says are you crazy? He says every singer drinks before their performance.

Scene 3
The policeman stops Mahi and says show car papers and license. MAhi says I am in a hurry. He says I won’t let you go until you show me the papers. Avnit says why isn’t Chanda replying to me? Rupa asks Avnit Arjun went to bring Jogi what happened? Biji says only Mahi can convince him. Avnit says she won’t come. I called Mahi but she said she won’t come. Everyone is shocked. Biji says no.. I don’t believe this. Avnit says she told me that herself. I don’t know why is she doing this. How can she leave Jogi alone on such a big day. His mood is completely off. Rupa says what is this Mahi doing. Biji says he got upset with the dancers. Rupa says can’t we do shooting without the girls? Avnit says it’s showbiz. For a song to be hit, the video needs to be good. Jogi has to dance with these dancers.

The director says pack up everything. Enough. There will be no shoot. Arjun and Jogi hear too. all staff starts packing. The director says he thinks he will become superstar without dancing with girls and singing in front of the camera? Arjun says Jogi please.. this director is a big name. If he spreads a bad word about you no one will work with you. Then Avnit’s money, my reputation and your career, everything will be ruined. We might recover but no one could save you from this disaster. Only you can save your career. Drink this and go. Come on.. Jogi takes it. Mahi holds his hand..

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Telecast Date:7th October 2021
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