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Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 6th November 2021 Jogi gives the papers to Mahi. He says I have given so much that your life would be less to spend it. Money, cards, property, all in your name. You should know Jogi’s swag. You should know how big my heart is. You and your family have fun now. Keep this Arjun and Chanda too. Mahi throws them in the air. Mahi says you want to buy my decision with your money?

He says there’s a price of everyone’s conscience. I am paying you full MRP with GST. You must never have seen so much money. I will earn it with my next two songs. What are you thinking? This relationship doesn’t matter to you. End all this. Take this belt off your neck. Mahi says okay. Let’s end it. What happened?

Why are you shocked? Let me tell you the price of my sign. Jogi says what do you want? She says my Mc21 and my home. Avnit says that’s not your house. Jogi paid Pappu and bought it. Mahi says that’s a house not home. Where you are standing is home. I am talking about this house. The one I made with my memories and family. Where I found a dadi and mother and where I loved someone with all my heart.

Jogi picks the papers. Jogi says you were right. Our ways and paths are all different. So then let’s fulfill another formality. Jogi signs the divorce papers. He hands them to Mahi. Mahi signs them as well. She recalls her last promise with Jogi. Mahi recalls marrying Jogi. Avnit says wait a minute. When this relationship is over, why are you wearing this mangalsutra. Biji says shut up Avnit. Mahi recalls her wedding. She looks at Jogi. Mahi takes off and gives it to Jogi. Jogi takes it and leaves.

Scene 2
Jogi looks at the mangalsutra. He says love but never marry. It’s good time for four days then it’s all dark. Just 4 days. Avnit says Jogi are you okay? He says was writing a song. Jogi is drunk. Jogi says 4 days bright then dark. All married people have same condition. This song will be superhit. Today is the biggest day of my life. I am free today. The mangalsura falls.

Mahi looks at her neck. She can’t breathe. Jogi says I am free now. Avnit says careful. Jogi says tonight we will party. Mahi comes out and sits. She hears music coming from Jogi’s house. Jogi sings his new song and dances with Avnit. Jogi looks at Avnit. Avnit says Jogi.. He says everything is over. Jogi Mahi’s relationship.

Their marriage. That 7 lives promises. Is there a chance to patch up? Will this relationship work? Mahi hears it. Jogi says no. Once marriage is over, it’s over. Let me get another bottle. Avnit says I know you’re very sad Jogi. She says in heart now I will be your support. You never saw my love. Now you will. I will be there for you. This is the real time for me to confess.

Avnit says those husband and wife are very lucky who stay together as friends. We are best friends, so let’s take this friendship to mangalsutra and sindur. She kneels down and says your eyes give me a reason to live. You smiles makes my day. Your heartbeats give me life. Your happiness gives me happiness. Your tears take my life away. I can twist the world around for your love.

The true love is that lives even after everything ends. You are here with me. I waited for you all my life. My half life went by in this wait. Don’t test my patience anymore. I love you Jogi. I love you a lot. Mahi is shocked. Avnit says I have the medicine to your pain and you’ve the medicine to my lonliness. Let’s give this relationship a new name. Will you marry me?

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Telecast Date:6th November 2021
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