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Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 2nd September 2021 Jogi reads Akash’s message to Avnit and says if he sent message to you then why wouldn’t he send message to Mahi? Avnit says I don’t know. No one was home when I came here, he was alone here. Mahi says Renu was at home, she asks where is Renu? Renu comes home with shopping bags, everyone is stunned. Mahi says I told you to not leave. Renu says Akash told me that he will take care of everything.

Rupa says he even asked me when I would be back. He planned all this. Mahi says don’t say all that, Akash can’t do this. Avnit says Akash told me nobody would believe me so I have to do as he says. Rupa says Avnit is not alone anymore. I am with her. Mahi says Avnit is lying, trust me. Akash can’t do all this. Beeji says we have a CCTV camera, maybe we will find something from that?

Jogi gets the CCTV footage. It shows Akash hitting Avnit and punching her. Everyone is shocked to see Akash beating Avnit. Jogi says there is no knife seen. Akash says she did have the knife, it’s not seen in the video. Trust me. Jogi says you are an animal to do all this with a girl. Mahi says Avnit can lie again.

Avnit says I lied yesterday but I am saying the truth now. I lied yesterday also so I could stop you all. Akash misbehaved with me earlier also but nobody would trust me and Jogi would leave the house so I lied and took the blame on myself. I didn’t know it would become like this. It’s all my fault. I thought Jogi would trust me but he didn’t. He thought I was lying. She cries and Jogi feels bad seeing all that. Avnit says this is my punishment for being Jogi’s friend, this Akash tore my clothes, dragged me around, punched me. Akash says she is a liar, don’t trust her. I will not spare her. Jogi stops him and says enough. He slaps him hard and Akash falls down. Mahi is stunned. Jogi says you should have been slapped in childhood only. Akash says but..

Jogi slaps him again and says it’s my fault to ignore your mistakes, to trust you blindly. You have become an animal. He keeps slapping him. Mahi says leave him alone. Jogi beats him with a stick and says you thought we wouldn’t know the truth? She is my friend and you did all this? Akash cries and says she is lying. Mahi tries to stop him but Jogi pushes her away and keeps beating Akash. Mahi sees Avnit smirking and comes in front of Akash. She shouts at Jogi to stop it, will you kill him? Akash says trust me, I am not lying. Jogi says I will kill him if he stays in front of me. Jogi calls the police station. Mahi is stunned. Jogi asks the inspector to come and arrest him. Mahi asks if he has gone mad? He is my brother. Jogi says he is an animal, he can hurt any woman. Mahi says you are trusting Avnit? She is doing all this deliberately.

Jogi says you always talk about women empowerment but now it’s about your brother so you are taking his side? I can see the truth, I am not blinded by relationships. Mahi says you can’t see the truth in my brother’s eyes? Jogi says we saw everything in the video. Mahi says if I knew Avnit was telling the truth then I would have punished my brother. Jogi says we all saw who is wrong here. The inspector arrives there and asks what did he do? Jogi says he.. tried to molest my friend. The inspector asks Avnit and she says yes. Jogi says we have a CCTV footage against him. The inspector tries to arrest him but Mahi says he didn’t do anything. She pleads him. The inspector arrests Mahi. Renu says he didn’t do anything. Mahi tells Jogi that he is my brother, he can’t do all this. Jogi says I don’t know this Akash anymore. The inspector takes Akash away. Mahi and Renu cry. Mahi says we have to go to the police station. Avnit thinks this will break Mahi and Jogi.

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Telecast Date:2nd September 2021
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