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Mahi is worried. Pappu says Mahi calm down. Biji says worried for Jogi’s wedding? Mahi says no. I prepared myself for it. This isn’t my Jogi. Shalu says but he’s Jogi. Mahi says he isn’t my Jogi. I can just my Jogi is alive in him. shalu says who are you worried for then? Mahi says for bebe. I hope she’s okay. I can’t hear her at all.

Scene 2
Rupa opens eyes and says Jogi.. Jassi’s husband gives her an injection and she faints again. He calls Avnit and says gave her the injection. SHe won’t get up for 5-6 hours. If you want I can make her sleep forever. Avnit says no I don’t want Jogi to get the news of his mother’s death on his wedding. He will be sad. I don’t want to make him cry. Once I am married, I will talk to her and tell her how a good MIL is. Just make sure Mahi and everyone from the tabela stay away from Rupa. He says don’t worry. I won’t let anyone come near her.

Scene 2
Jaasu’s husband appoints men to not let anyone come near the house. He says no one from tabela should come here. Jassi comes. She says Avnit’s dad couldn’t come. bebe isn’t well either. Let’s call a band. It’s my brother’s wedding. Bebe would also want it. He says your mom isn’t well and you want to celebrate with band baja? Go and prepare for the wedding.

Mahi looks at them. Mahi says I want to see bebe once. Pappu says let me see. He comes out to distract them. Jassi’s husband says what’s your problem? He says there’s a good property deal. Mehta has made it. He says shut up and get out of here. The goons go to kick Pappu out. Mahi says what is he doing? Pappu comes to Mahi and says time to use my old mind. He says I have made the plan.

Scene 3
Pappu, Shalu and Mahi come disguised as the band. The goons say who are you? She says Jassi has called us. She has paid us already. They go inside.

Jogi gets ready. Jassi brings Avnit on wheelchair. She is dressed as the bride. Jogi says you look good. Avnit says just that? I am your wife to be. Mahi comes outside. Jogi looks at the door. Mahi is in tears. Jogi touches the door. The song jab tume hote ho plays. Mahi recalls her moments with Jogi. Avnit says who is there? He says no one. Shalu says Mahi, what are you doing here? Mahi says seeing their destruction.

Mahi and Shalu come to Rupa. Mahi says bebe. Mahi says that witch has done this to bebe. Pappu says we can’t be emotional. Let’s do what we are here for. They pick Rupa. Lado comesin. They are shocked. Jassi’s husband gets the call from the goons. They say a band came. He says don’t let anyone come. Lado lets them go. Pappu climbs down the ladder with Rupa.

Scene 4
Jassi’s husband brings Avnit to Rupa and says take her blessings. Rupa isn’t there. Avnit says where is Rupa?

The doctor checks Rupa. She opens eyes and says how am I here? Mahi says bebe rest please. Thank God you are fine. The doctor says she’s fine. Her BP is low because of too many tranqulizers. Biji says Avnit did it.

Avnit slaps him. She says are you blind? How could Rupa go from here and you didn’t even know? He recalls the band came. He says Pappu, Mahi and Shalu did this. Let me see them. Avnit says stop. They have taken her. Till the wedding no one should know Rupa isn’t here. Till then no one will leave or enter the house. I don’t want any problem in my wedding. You will lose your life otherwise.

Scene 5
Mahi asks Rupa how did you get the shock? She says Avnit did it. She tells them everything. Mahi says how dare her. I won’t leave her. I will tell Jogi her reality. Pappu says he won’t trust you.


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Telecast Date:12th November 2021
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