Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 8th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 8th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on writtenepisode.com

Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 8th August 2022 Dev asks Jaya to let him see an album that will prove that Vamika is her daughter. Jaya says I am sure Krisha must have put that allegation on me. Vamika takes me as a mother figure but that doesn’t mean Krisha can start alleging me. Krisha says then why don’t you show us the album?

Virendra says yes, show us what you are hiding. Jaya gives the cupboard keys to Krisha. She finds the album there and brings it to Dev. She looks at the photos but it’s all the photos of Jaya with Dev only. The flashback shows how Jaya had changed the photos before they came in.

Jaya tells Dev that it seems like Krisha hates me so I shouldn’t stay here anymore. Dev tries to stop her but Jaya cries and says I treated Dev like my son but Krisha just keeps insulting me so I can’t stay here anymore. Dev hugs her and says please don’t say all that. Vamika says Krisha should be ashamed.

Krisha says you both do acting so well, you changed the photos, right? Jaya cries and tells Dev you should let me leave. Dev shouts at Krisha to open her eyes and stop hating on her. Krisha says you should open your eyes and see her real face, she killed your mother and tortured your father for years. Dev says enough, it’s you that should leave the house instead of Jaya. Krisha is shocked and leaves from there.

Krisha is leaving the house. Virendra says I will talk to Dev but don’t leave. He asks Dev to stop her. Dev says I won’t let anyone insult my Jaya Maa. Virendra tries to stop Krisha but Vamika pushes him away. Krisha says enough, I won’t go anywhere from here.

Krisha tells Dev that I am not only your wife but daughter in law of this house. I am not going anywhere, I have keys of this house’s safe and I am legally your wife so nobody can force me to leave this house so I am not going anywhere. She goes back to her room.

Scene 2
Dev comes to Krisha and says you can stay here but you are making me hate you more with the words you said. You can keep all the wealth of this house but you will never get love again. Krisha tries to stop him and they both fall on the bed.

Dev glares at her and gets up. Dev says our relationship has ended, we will stay as strangers in the same house, he leaves from there. Krisha wipes her tears and says I have to be tough, I can’t cry because I have to be strong and save everyone in this family.

Naina taunts Rati and says Krisha is a greedy woman. Raghav says this Krisha is even challenging Dev now. Rati says Krisha is doing all this to save the family. Ugra says Krisha has been using you to get all this wealth. Rati says Krisha is not lying, she is not greedy. I am sure that Vamika is Jaya’s daughter. Raghav asks her to shut up.

Jaya calls Vamika and tells her to throw their photos away. Vamika throws the photos near a bin and leaves. Raghav arrives there and takes the torn photos.

Jaya comes to Virendra’s room and grabs his hair. He is scared of her. Jaya says you must remember my torture now, she says I killed your wife but you are still trying to rebel against me. I won’t leave this palace so you know what I can do with your son. I can kill Dev and put the blame on Krisha.

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Telecast Date:8th August 2022
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