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Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 28th July 2022 Naina stops Krisha and says I will prepare breakfast for you. Ugra and Naina try to butter her up. Ugra says Jaya is an outsider but you are our own so we are happy that you own everything now.

I just need some money so if you can help… Krisha says you can ask Dev and if he says yes then you can get the money, I can’t give money without his permission. She leaves from there. Vamika comes there and laughs at Ugra.

Krisha sees her mother coming into the house and greets her. Virendra says Krisha takes care of me. Dev comes there and greets her mother. He gives a box to Krisha and says it has cash in it, keep it in the safe, it’s 20 lacs for a vendor.

Jaya whispers to Vamika to keep an eye on Krisha and see where she is putting the box. Krisha goes to her room and puts the box in her cupboard. She leaves from there. Vamika goes in her house and finds the cupboard keys.

Krisha’s mother Sudha says I should leave now. Jaya says you should stay here for a night. Krisha says that’s a good idea. Jaya thinks soon I will snatch their happiness.

At the night time, all family members sit to have dinner. Ugra taunts Jaya that Dev doesn’t care about her anymore. Krisha whispers to Jaya that you will be exposed soon. Dev offers food to Sudha, Krisha says she can’t have sweets. Sudha says then give me a good news.

Dev says you will soon hear that. Vamika messages Jaya that I can’t see them this happy. Jaya says just wait till tomorrow morning and their happiness will go away.

Dev gives tea to everyone. Jaya thinks today will be the start of Krisha and Dev’s relationship breaking apart.

Vamika comes to Krisha’s room and finds the money box, she takes the picture and goes away with the box.

Vamika tells Jaya how will Dev believe that Krisha stole the money. He trusts her blindly. Jaya says you should trust me when I say I am playing a game. Dev will have to believe that Krisha stole the money as Krisha will make him believe that only. Vamika says how? Jaya says just wait and watch.

Jaya comes to Sudha with the money box, she says I have brought a gift for you. Sudha says I can’t take it. Jaya says it’s just sweets so you can take them home. Sudha takes the box and Jaya leaves. Vamika takes Sudha’s pictures with the box.

In the morning, Sudha blesses Dev and Krisha. She leaves from the house.

A vendor comes to meet Dev, he asks Krisha to bring the money box. Krisha goes to her room and finds the box gone. Jaya comes there and shows her mother’s video of taking the box. She says I gave this box to your mother saying it has sweets but everyone will think that she was stealing money from her.

Krisha says why are you involving my mother in this? Jaya says this is a war and everything is fair in it, think what Dev will think about your mother? He will have to send your mother to jail. Krisha says please don’t show the video to him. Jaya says I won’t send him the video but I want something from you. You will say what I want you to say to Dev. Krisha looks on.

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Telecast Date:28th July 2022
Distributed By :Zee Tv And Zee5


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