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Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 26th July 2022 Minakshi and Rati come to Krisha. Rati asks why are you agreeing to give the property to Jaya?

Minakshi says Dev’s mother was never a cheater, Jaya is lying so don’t trust her. Krisha says I know all that, I know Jaya wants to get the property but we have to act like we are not against Jaya Maa. I need your support. Minakshi says we are with you.

Jaya asks Vamika why did Krisha agree to give power of attorney to me? Vamika says don’t worry, soon we will get the property. The door knocks so Vamika hides. Dev comes there and shows the papers to Jaya. Jaya says I shouldn’t get this. Dev says you have to take responsibility, just make papa sign these papers. He leaves from there.

Krisha makes tea and says Jaya will faint after drinking this. Dev calls her so she leaves from there. Dev tells Krisha that my shirt button broke.

Krisha starts stitching it back. He smiles at her and thanks her. Dev says you have to go out on a date with me, I will cancel all the meetings. Krisha thinks I have to stop Jaya so I can’t go out with him. She says you can’t cancel the meeting, she sends him away.

Krisha comes to the kitchen and finds the tea gone that she made for Jaya. Gaj is about to drink it but Minakshi stops him and says I am fasting so you can’t have tea also.

Rati takes the tea. She goes to Jaya and offers her tea but Vamika comes there and says you can’t have this tea, your sugar level is heavy. Jaya goes away with Vamika. Krisha says how does Vamika know about her sugar level and we don’t? What’s their connection?

Scene 2
In the evening, all family members sit together and Virendra is about to sign the power of attorney papers but Krisha turns off the lights. Virendra is feeling hot so Dev uses the papers to fan him.

Jaya thinks Virendra needs to sign the papers. The lawyer turns his flashlight on. Virendra is about to sign the papers but Krisha tries to stop him. She gives water to Dev but he offers it to Jaya Maa. Krisha has mixed some medicine in the water. Virendra signs the papers. Jaya is about to sign the papers but she faints suddenly. All look on. Krisha smirks.

Jaya wakes up, the doctor checks her and says her sugar level went down, she shouldn’t take the stress. Krisha tells Dev that she is stressed and you are giving her more responsibilities? Jaya says I am fine.

Dev says she is right, I should give you time to rest. Jaya says I am fine. Dev says Krisha will handle all the responsibilities, I can’t give you more stress by giving power of attorney to you. I just trust you and Krisha in this house, you are not fine so the responsibility of this house, the safe keys,

and power of attorney will be handled by Krisha now so you can rest. Krisha smirks and tells Jaya that she should bless her with the house keys and responsibilities. I will take your burden now. Jaya gives the safe keys to her. Krisha says you should just rest now. They leave from there.

Jaya says I did so much to take my revenge and now a normal girl is making me lose everything. She took the house keys and I couldn’t do anything. I have to take the keys back from Krisha. Krisha comes there and says you are talking about these keys? You will never get them back. Jaya says this palace is mine and will be mine.

Krisha says this palace is my husband’s and I will not let you take this. Jaya says I will win. Krisha says we will see, she leaves. Vamika comes there and says we have to do something about this girl. Jaya says I promise to get all the wealth of this palace by tomorrow night.

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Telecast Date:26th July 2022
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