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Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 22nd July 2022 Jaya asks Krisha why did you come back to the palace? She tells Dev that Krisha can’t stay here as Virendra is here so I think she should go to her parents’ house for some days.

Krisha starts to leave but Virendra stops her and says she can’t go anywhere. She saved my life, she is my own too. She will not go anywhere. Krisha is elated to hear that. He asks everyone to leave. Dev tells Krisha that he is happy Virendra has accepted her. Jaya glares at them.

Dev tells Krisha that he can go to the office as she is with papa now. He leaves. Jaya comes to Krisha and says you came back to the palace but you will be out of the house soon. Krisha says I will bring your truth out and throw you out of this palace. Dev comes back and says it’s good to see you both together. He takes his phone and leaves. Jaya tells Krisha that I will separate you from Dev soon. Krisha says start your countdown.

Vamika tells Jaya that I will handle Krisha, and don’t worry about her. Jaya says don’t take her lightly, she fooled us by becoming Gauri so it means she had some proof against me. She talked about some hair in the basement, she must have done a DNA test with my hair. Vamika says she can tell Dev about you then as she has proof. Jaya says no, I can’t let her destroy my plan.

Scene 2
Dev comes back home and tells Krisha that I have to find the culprit soon. He asks if they got the DNA report back? Krisha says yes, it matched with Jaya Maa. Dev asks what is she talking about? Krisha says I had collected Jaya’s sample too and you sent her sample instead of Minakshi’s. She shows the lab report to him and says you have to trust me. Jaya comes there. Dev thinks how could she do this? Jaya tells Dev that she wants to talk to him.

Jaya gathers all family members in the living room. She says I want to tell you all a truth which I kept hidden for years. She says the one who kept Virendra locked in the basement for years was me only. Dev says so Krisha was right?

Jaya says yes, Krisha knew that I kept him locked up but she doesn’t know the reason. Dev says why would do that? Jaya cries and says you think it was easy to keep him locked up like an animal, keep you away from your son?

Dev looks away and says I can’t believe you were behind all that, I am hoping this is all a bad dream. Jaya says it’s a harsh reality that I had to go through for years but I had to do it because Virendra asked me to.

Gaj says he asked you to lock him up? Jaya says hear me out. She says years ago, Virendra went on a work trip but when he came back, he found out that his wife was having an affair with someone else. All are shocked to hear that. Jaya says Virendra caught them red-handed. Dev says I can’t believe this.

Jaya says Virendra was angry, he used to fight with his wife a lot and didn’t want his kids to suffer. He thought to spend time with his wife and going away with her but they got in an accident. I went there but I saw the queen was dead. Then Virendra told me that it was not an accident, he had killed his wife.

Dev is shocked and says this can’t be true. Jaya says everything is true, your father killed your mother and framed it as an accident. He was regretful and wanted to kill himself but I was thinking about small kids and begged him. He agreed but he wanted to lose his royalty and live a painful life to pay for his sin. He made me promise to lock him in the basement and raise his kids like my own.

I tried convincing him but he never listened to me, he started living in the basement. I didn’t tell you because of your future. Krisha thinks Jaya changed the game with this fake story. I have to think of another way to bring her truth out.

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Telecast Date:22nd July 2022
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