Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 16th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 16th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on writtenepisode.com

Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 16th August 2022 Virendra asks what’s going on? Jaya shouts Vamika to get lost. Naina whispers to Ugra that Jaya has to throw her own daughter out because of Krisha.

Jaya drags Vamika out and shouts that you don’t deserve to be here, she whispers to her that I will bring you back here soon and you will rule this place. She throws her out and closes the door. Gaj says this Krisha is dangerous.

Krisha and Dev are alone in the room. Krisha thinks I know he loves me but there are misunderstandings between us. Dev turns to her and says thank you for saving me. Krisha says who else would do that? I had to put a camera there to help you. Dev says what if you had recorded something wrong?

Krisha says I trust you completely. Dev thanks her. Krisha says we are going to be parents and I want a loving family, can’t we start again and leave the past behind? Dev says you have hurt me. Krisha says but you can move on leaving those memories behind. Dev holds her hand and says what if your son talks bad about you? I am hurt that you talk ill about my mother. He leaves from there.

Jaya is angry and says Krisha took everything from me but I can’t bear that she made my daughter leave me. Krisha comes there and says we can keep fighting but I don’t want Dev to be hurt. I want to end all this, Dev loves you like his mother. He is hurting because of this battle.

I just want to back off, you are getting another chance so change yourself. You will get the love of a son who can give his life for you. Jaya asks her to stop it. Krisha says does this power and money matter to you this much?

Jaya says you can never understand me. Krisha shows her the DNA report and says your DNA matches with Vamika, I could show it to Dev but I didn’t because I don’t want to hurt him so please back off. Do you accept to stop all this? Jaya says okay I accept.

Raghav tells Ugra that Krisha is in power again, we should do something against her. Virendra comes there and shouts at him to stop it.

Krisha stops Dev and says we have to promise to not leave our room? I talked to Jaya and apologized to her. Jaya comes there and says she is right, we thought about you and how you are hurting, we had misunderstandings because of Vamika but everything is fine now. Jaya hugs Krisha and Dev.

Krisha tells Jaya I still feel you are up to something, I want to ask if you lied to me? Jaya says I know you have proof against me so I can’t fight anymore. Krisha says if I try to hurt Dev then I will not be silent but if you back off then I won’t say anything.

Jaya says I have lost to you. Krisha says then I want to give the house keys to you but remember if you do something wrong then I have the DNA report. Jaya says you also have to promise that you won’t tell Dev about my relationship with Vamika if I don’t do anything wrong. Krisha says I won’t tell him anything if you don’t hurt him. She leaves.

Virendra and Rati tell Krisha to not trust Jaya. Krisha says I know what she is capable of. Virendra says I will tell Dev that I remember everything. Krisha says I just want peace before my baby is born, I don’t want any more battles. Virendra says I will do as you say. Krisha gives him an idea.

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Telecast Date:16th August 2022
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