Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 14th January 2022 Written Episode Update


Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 14th January 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on writtenepisode.com

Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 14th January 2022 Devraj comes downstairs. Krisha asks Rati where is Aarav? She says doing what you asked. I am also going. Devraj asks Jaya did you find the keys? She says no. They must be with Roma but where is she? Let me look for her. You sit here. The havan starts. Krisha sits with Devraj.

Krisha says now you see how I expose your secret. Jaya looks for Roma. Aarav says to Krisha Jaya must be trying to call Roma but her phone is with me. Krisha says we have to execute our plan till she comes back. Aarav says that secret will be out. pandit ji asks Krisha to sit with Devraj. Krisha recalls marrying him.

Devraj asks Roma? Jaya says Roma must have stayed there to take care of her but no one can handle her other than you. Devraj says I should go. Jaya says you you’ve to sit here. Krisha says to Aarav they’re worried go and get her ready.

A woman gets reaady in Maya’s dupatta. Devraj does pooja with Krisha. The woman comes in corridor. Devraj sees her dupatta. He’s scared and shocked.

He runs upstairs. Jaya says she’s out. The guests stopn Devraj for gifts. Kach and Minakshi stop him to give gifts. Krisha says I will give him the post precious gift. It starts raining. Pandit ji says it’s a sign of a guest coming. Devraj is scared. He looks upstairs. Devraj says where did Krisha go?

Scene 2
Krisha comes to the shelf and goes inside. Devraj goes upstairs. Jaya sees the dupatta. She’s scared. She can’t see in the smoke. Devraj comes upstairs and tries to catch her. Krisha comes in the store. She goes upstairs. It’s Rati disguised as Maya. She hides form Devraj. She faints.

Krisha says this secret will come out today. She tires to open the door. They keys aren’t working. Jaya says Roma isn’t calling back. Devraj says she’s out. We have to find her. Devraj says has Krisha seen everything? Does she know?

He recalls Krisha saying Krisha will go and maya will come. Krisha tries to open the door. Rati is hidden. She faints. She can’t see. Devraj sees her. He says Rati? Why was she scaring me? He recalls Krisha talking to Rati. He says that means Krisha has planned this? Devraj sees her location.

Scene 3
Krisha opens the door. She comes inside. The woman is behind the painting. Krisha tries to look for her. She hides from Krisha. Devraj comes upstairs. The woman hits Krisha on head. Krisha says stop. Maya stop.. She runs out. Krisha runs after her. Jaya sees her running. Aarav says where is Krisha? Rati says I am scared for her.

Maya comes in the corridor. She runs. It’s smoke all over. The woman comes there. She runs around the hall. Krisha runs after her and Devraj runs after Krisha. Krisha goes out of the hall after Maya. Jaya goes out too. Everyone is scared. Krisha says stop. Krisha says stop Maya. Jaya says do something Devraj.

They go after Krisha. Krisha keeps running after the woman. She comes to the garden. Krisha shoves her and says Maya stop. She falls in the mud. Devraj and Jaya come there. Aarav, Rati and everyone come out as well. Krisha says enough of hiding.

It’s for you to come in front of everyone. Everyone should the hidden secret of this castle. She brings a pipe. Krisha says get up. She throws water on her. Her face is still hidden. Devraj is scared. Everyone is scared to see the face. Krisha is shocked.

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Telecast Date:14th January 2022
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