Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 12th November 2021 Written Episode Update


Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 12th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on writtenepisode.com

Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 12th November 2021 Krisha says the one who can risk his life to save mine, who can be a better life partner than that? My answer is yes. Yash says congratulations jeju. Krisha’s mom and dad are happy. Devraj leaves. Diya’s mom says he’s so nice. Krisha says the wedding should be done in some time. Her mom says yes preparations would take a lot of time. They are a big family.

It would take 2 3 months. Krisha says a lot more than that. Her dad says why? You said yes. Why such delay? She says your Krisha isn’t selfish. Until our family’s situation gets better I won’t marry. I can’t leave you both alone. Her mom says what? WHy would his family wait. Devraj comes in and says I forgot my keys. He says sorry but I overheard everything. I don’t mind waiting. I agree with Krisha. These relationships don’t break. I respect her decision. I am with you. Krisha says thanks.

Yash gives his keys. Yash says the things would change soon. Her dad says we thought we should start our catering business. Her mom says life has opened another door for us. He says Singh told me I will recover my insurance money. You have done enough for us. Krisha hugs him in hearts. Devraj says seeing you all makes me so happy. You could take my help and it won’t be a big deal for me but Krisha would never agree to that. Krisha’s dad says let me make sabzi for everyone. He asks Devraj to stay. He says of course. I have heart a lot about your cooking.

Devraj leaves at night. He says thanks for such good food. I am fan of your cooking. Krisha says my dad is the best c. Devraj says he’s your dad after all. Yash coughs. Devraj says get ready. We will leave for Ambipur tomorrow. we will all go to meet my family. If a good mahurat is found, we will decide the date. We will get married soon. All arrangements will be done there. Krisha’s mom says can we go to the temple first? If you don’t mine. Devraj says we can go there. The girl follows him. Yash says this car.. She says it was outside the house earlier too. There’s a girl in it. Krisha says one of your college girls? He says this car isn’t after me. It’s after jeju. She says don’t make stories.

Scene 2
Krisha and Devraj do the arti with her family. Roma comes there. A chunri falls on Devraj and Krisha. A procession comes outside. Roma can’t see Devraj. She points his gun at him. She shoots. Devraj saves Krisha. Yash hides too. Krisha looks for Devraj. She says where did he go? Krisha asks are you okay? He says yes. His hand is bleeding. Krisha screams.

Scene 3
Doctor checks Devraj. He says it only touched. Sudha says who could attack him? Yash says I saw a girl. She had been following jeju. Krisha asks Devraj do you know about her? Chef says who would want to kill him? Singh says Yash is right. This isn’t the first time Devraj got attacked. Two days ago someone shocked him here. Everyone is shocked. Krisha says you knew about it? You were attacked earlier? Who would want to hurt you? He says they don’t want to hurt me, they want to kill me.

Scene 4
Krisha thinks about everything. Sudha says when we found a guy, all of this is happening with him. Chef says rich people have enemies. We can’t understand their problems. Sudha says there must be some reason behind it. Krisha says who would want to kill him? How can he be saved? Yash says there’s nothing wrong about him on the internet. It’s a small deal. Sudha says it’s a small thing for you? Chef says calm down. She says I am worried. I feel like we were hasty with our decision. I gave pandit ji his kundli. Pandit ji said the next month is heavy on him. His life is in danger. Krisha says he risked his life to save mine. I need to save him too.

Scene 5
Roma tries to shoot Devraj at the hotel but she can’t. She follows him. A girl gives a chit to Devraj, take right. He comes where the chits point him to. Krisha comes there and takes him to a side. She asks him to sit in the car. He says what is happening? Krisha says she can’t come here. The woman who wants to hurt you. He says you wanted to save me? She says yes your gaurds are useless. I know all routes here. We will leave at 3 for Ambikapur. We will take this low highway. There’s no one here. Then we will reach the check post. No one will know we are gone. that witch will be here. You said Ambikapur is your area. You’re safe there. He says so? She says then our wedding.. I mean.. do you still wanna marry me? He says decisions taken from heart don’t change. Krisha says I never knew it would happen so quick. But probably this is love. He says I didn’t know you would know it so easily? She says I get to know my emotions very fast. Her parents come downstairs. Devraj says so you all were part of her plan? chef says yes. We had to. Krisha says come in. Let’s plan for tonight.

Scene 6
At night, Krisha leaves from the house with her family from the backside. Roma sits in her car. She has planted a bomb in Devraj’s car. Krisha comes ot her car. The bomb ticks. Krisha drops her pouch. She tries to pick it. Everyone waits for her. The bomb is ticking. Yash says didi come fast.


Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 13th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Pandit ji says get them married as soon as possible. Krisha and Devraj get married. They come to the house. Jaya says no one can see your face till munh dikhai is done. This is Roma. Devraj’s friend. Roma hugs Krisha and says welcome to the Rathore secrets mansion.

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Telecast Date:12th November 2021
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