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Tera Mera Saath Rahe 7th October 2021 Gopika says everyone thinks that way about me? Baa says yes. Gopika says all the love and respect I got was based on a misunderstanding. Baa says yes and if Nikhila finds out it will be gone.

Gopika recalls how Nikhila loved her. Gopika says we should tell maa ji everything. Maa ji wanted a brave and educated girl. Baa says you never lied to us. You were also trapped. If Nikhila finds out she will kick you out. Don’t tell anyone anything.

Scene 2
Tejal waits for VJ. Hitain comes and says did you the photo that’s gone viral? Tejal asks what photo? He shows her intimate photo with VJ. VJ’s friends say you’ve gone viral. Tejal keeps calling him but he doesn’t pick.

Chriagh and Saksham bring the crown. Aashi says Gopika is so lucky. Nikhila says where is gopika? Gopika picks the bag. She’s worried about everything. She says baa asked me to stay silent. How can I lie? I can’t hide it from maa ji. I don’t know what to do. How can I live a lie? Will I lose this family? I have to say the truth no matter what.
They have a right to know my realit. I will speak the truth. I never lied then how did all this happen? I should tell maa ji everything.

Gopika coems out. The goons stop her with scary masks. They run after Gopika. Gopika is scared. They try to get her bag. Gopika says I won’t give it. They say pick her with the bag as well. Saksham comes there looking for Gopika. they take her from there. Saksham looks for GOpika. The goons take her.

Scene 3
Tejal keeps calling VJ. Hitain says Minal is waiting for you. tejal says can’t you leave me alone? Remember your worth before coming to me. Go from here. Tejal hears someone shouting. She sees the goons taking Gopika. Nikhila says how can Gopika go? She knew this pooja was important. Nikhila asks Ramila where is Gopika?

She says I don’t know. Uma says we shouldn’t delay the pooja. You put the crown. Tejal comes and says some goons were taking Gopika. Everyoen is shocked. Ramila says I didn’t plan this. Who is doing this?

The inspector says we have sealed the area. The kidnappers must be in the same area. Nihila says why would they take Gopika? What has she doen to anyone? I hope she’s safe.

Scene 4
The goons bring Gopika to a shed. They take out the crown and say where did the diamond go? Dis she hide it?

Aashi says mummy is Nikhila finds out Gopika’s reality that she’s uneducated and coward, she will kick me out too. Ramila says she won’t. I fooled baa today and told her a different story. I will tell her the same story that it’s not our mistake. Aashi and Ramil eat. Baa comes. Ramila says I am so worried for Gopika.

I don’t know how she is. Baa says I am so worried for her. Ramila says she must be fine. Baa says how can you say that? You know how she gets scared. How will she survive in this condition? She is scared of everything. Nikhila says what are you saying? Gopika isn’t a coward. Everyone knows she’s brave. Why are you saying this then? Baa says I don’t know how to tell you. It’s no one’s mistake. It’s a misunderstanding.

gopika isn’t brave. She gets scared by small things. Leave all that.. find her. She won’t be able to protect herself. Nikhila says what are you saying? Baa says listen to me. Nikhila says baa I never argue with you. But this isn’t right. I know we are all worried for her. But we can’t question her in this moment.


Tera Mera Saath Rahe 8th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Gopika is scared. The goons say this girl is coward. She will give the diamond. Nikhila says don’t give the diamond. Gopika gives it. She is scared. Nikhila says baa said you’re weak and coward but I didn’t listen to her. I trusted you and you lied to me. Gopika says I didn’t lie to you. she cries.

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Telecast Date:7th October 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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