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Tera Mera Saath Rahe 2nd September 2021 The baraat comes to the marriage venue. Ramila asks Gopi to be ready. Shaksham is sitting on the horse as a groom and recalls how Gopi said she will do he asked for. Ramila welcomes Shaksham and his family. Chiragh gets welcomed by Diksha’s family. Raashi is jealous. Gopi hides and looks at Shaksham, she smiles at him. Shaksham thinks Maa will be hurt when Gopi doesn’t come to the mandap but it’s for everyone’s benefit. Ramila blesses Shaksham and tries to Chiragh’s aarti but Diksha’s mom stops her and says he is our groom. Ramila says I find both grooms as my own because of my happiness. Shaksham thinks if Gopi didn’t tell her family?
Gopi is in her room and says I am getting married today to a very talented man. I wish my father was with me.
Ramila whispers to Raashi that I have an idea to stop Chiragh’s marriage. The both plan something.

Shaksham and Chiragh sit in the mandap. Shaksham’s shoes gets stolen by Raashi. She says Shaksham’s brother has to find his shoes. Chiragh says but it’s my marriage too. The priest asks Nikhila to start Shaksham’s bride. Ramila says I will bring Gopi.

Ramila comes to Gopi and asks her to go to the washroom as you won’t get time later on. Gopi says but I don’t need to. Ramila asks her to go just. Gopi goes to the washroom. Ramila locks her there and says now I have time to set Raashi and Chiragh’s marriage.

Ramila comes to everyone and says I couldn’t find Gopi anywhere. Shaksham says actually.. Nikhila says I will go and look for Gopi. Raashi asks Chiragh to go and find Shaksham’s shoes till Gopi comes here.

Gopi tries to leave the washroom but the door is locked. She calls out to Ramila but no one opens the door. Gopi looks around and says how will I go out?

Nikhila is looking around for Gopi. She comes to the washroom and sees it locked from outside. She leaves without checking inside.

Scene 2
Chiragh is looking around for Shaksham’s shoes and goes behind Raashi. Raashi leaves from there and comes to the garden area. She starts screaming. Chiragh rushes to her and asks what happened? She says a scorpio bit me. Chiragh says let me call someone, she says no. I am scared. Ramila sends a videographer there to make their video.

Nikhila comes to everyone and asks where is Gopi? She asks Ramila where is Gopi? Shaksham is waiting for her. Shaksham says actually.. Ramila gets the hint and starts crying. She says what is going on? Everyone is shocked to see the video of Chiragh holding Raashi and the angle makes it look like Chiragh is kissing Raashi. Diksha’s family asks what is all this? Minal says Chiragh is not like that. Diksha’s mother says there is something going on between them. Nikhila says don’t insult Modi family like this.

Gopi is locked in the washroom and says I have to come out of here, I can’t lose hope. She finds a vent there.

Chiragh and Raashi to come to the family. Nikhila asks Chiragh to only tell the truth. What happened out there? We saw everything and some people are doubting us so we all need to tell the truth. Chiragh says Raashi was bitten by a scorpio and I was just helping her. He asks Raashi to speak up. Diksha’s mother says she was poisoned by a scorpio but she is standing here fine. Chiragh says it’s not like that. Diksha’s mother says now I know why they wanted this marriage to happen fast. Chiragh is characterless along with his family. Nikhila shouts at her to stop it.

Gopi opens the vent and finds a guy outside. Gopi asks him to open the door. He asks where is Diksha? Some guards run behind him and the guy runs away.

Nikhila tells Diksha’s mother that you have a filthy thinking. You think if a girl and boy are together then they are doing something wrong? If you didn’t trust us and Chiragh then why did you agree to get Diksha married to Chiragh in first place? Diksha says I trust Chiragh completely so I will marry him. The guy (Diksha’s lover) comes there and screams for her. All look on. The guard says he was trying to enter the bride’s room. The guy asks Diksha to stop them. Diksha says he is my friend. The guy says you are still lying? Tell everyone that Ia my our boyfriend.

Gopi is screaming for someone to bring her out.


Tera Mera Saath Rahe 3rd September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap : Ramila cries and says my daughter’s life has been destroyed. She was alleged to have an affair with Chiragh so no one will marry her now. Chiragh says I will marry Raashi. Nikhila says Raashi is here but where is Gopi? Shaksham says Gopi..

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Telecast Date:2nd September 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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