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Tera Mera Saath Rahe 29th October 2021 Nikhila says thank God Tejal was saved last time. Hitain how did you come here? Tejal says how dare you come and sit here with me? Ramila says Gopika asked him to sit. She wanted to save Tejal. Hitain says I only sat here so your family doesn’t get shamed. I was only sitting here until Gopika could prove.

I would never marry. Tejal shouts and says is it even your worth to marry me? She burns her dupatta. Tejal says I will burn myself. They all keep interfering in my life. I love VJ. Minal says we all saw him hitting you. Tejal says he loves me. Nikhila says that’s not love. He only wants your love. Tejal says you go handle your relation with papa before teaching me. Minal slaps her and says shut up.

Gopika says Tejal ji maa ji is right. That wasn’t love. Tejal says you mind your own marriasge. You’re not even allowed in your room. Don’t peek in my room. Minal says Tejal she is trying to save your life. Saksham says I know you are hurt but that guy isn’t good for you. you will find a good guy.

A woman says only good girls get good boys. Being social media queen doesn’t make you a good girl. Uma says doesn’t look like anyone will marry her. Money doesn’t get you respect. Nikhila says enough. tejal says I will only marry VJ. I will run away with him. I have a right in this property. Nikhila says you are speaking his language? I will disown you if you marry him. Burn us all before marrying him. Tejal cries.

Nikhila says we always gave you freedom but you are being selfish now. I will show you the reality. I will open your eyes and tell you what life is. There was that family who was playing with your life. And then there is a family who gave their son to save this family’s name and your life. hitain is a pious guy.

God gave this sehra to him. Mangalsutra was in his hand. She says Hitain, I request you, will you accept our daughter Tejal as your wife? You’re the best man for her. hitain says don’t say this please. You are an elder. I know my worth. Ramila says he can’t believe.. Nikhila says yes. I want and honest man for Tejal.

Not someone who is after money. I was a partner who will always be there for her. Someone who can give his everything for my daughter’s respect. Ramila says this will be our pride if she comes to our house. We have given our daughter in this house. Hitain will take care of her. We accept this proposal. Nikhila gives blessings to Hitain.

Saksham says are you sure maa? She says yes. You should ask me this question. I made a mistake once. I ruined your life. I won’t repeat the same mistake. Five fingers aren’t equal. I made a mistake in choosing the DIL. I am not choosing the wrong guy for Tejal. She has not left us with any option. Saksham says but Tejal and Hitain..

Hitain says we aren’t a match. They are right. We can never be happy. I am sorry but I can’t do this wedding. Ramila says how can you say no? They are your sister’s in laws. Hitain asks Gopika. gopika says you will always take care of her. I can be sure of that. If maa ji has taken a decision, it can’t be wrong. Tejal and you would be very happy. You should do this wedding.

Tejal cries. Nikhila says to Tejal stay happy. She says Anand, Ramila, Hitain, our daughter Tejal is yours now. Tejal cries. Nikhila says we hope you will take care of her. Ramila says we will take care of her like a daughter. Nikhila says to Tejal give them respect and that’s how you get respect. Minal hugs Tejal. Tejal is taken to the car. Ramila says we are glad these marriages happened between our families. But..

Nikhila says but what? Ramila says Hitain and Tejal got married suddenly and she has to be welcomed in our house. We didn’t prepare anything. Nikhila says i have prepared everything. She shows them a car but a rickshw comes decorated. Nikhila says to Tejal you have to accept to live in your new life the way it is. Nikhila says I hope you will protect the name of this family. Tejal leaves the house in the rickshaw.


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Telecast Date:29th October 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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