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Swaran Ghar 9th May 2022  Episode starts with Swaran packing the facial creams bottles in the boxes. Ajit comes to help. She refuses to take his help. He says I will go and have my tea, I won’t come even if you call me. She argues. He goes to sleep. Divya comes home. She hugs Ankita. She calls out Ajit.

She asks where is dad. Jai says you were going to come tomorrow. She says yes, so what, I came today, where is he. He says he isn’t here. She asks where is he. Ankita says he is at dhaba. Divya says nothing is imp to him than me. She asks Jai to get the scooter, she will go to dhaba and have food. Ankita says no, I mean its late.

Divya says I will go alone. Jai says I m coming. Divya says I will see what’s the work, more imp than me. Ajit comes to Swaran and sees her sleeping. He smiles and gives her a cushion under her head. He covers her with a shawl.

He talks to Kanwal’s pic. He says Swaran is going to fulfil your incomplete dream, support her. Divya asks what, is dad not here. The man says no, he has gone to buy gold. Jai signs him and says he would have gone to market. The man says he went to get onions. Jai and the man lie to Divya. Jai asks her to go home and have food, dad will come.

Kiran says Sunny is witness of Swaran and Ajit’s marriage, he had got the varmala also, we were clear that we are doing this for will, we tried to make this lie a truth. Nimmo says it’s the truth. He says I thought mum and dad are a perfect couple, made for each other. She says she is made for some other. He calls Nakul and asks where are you. Nakul says I m in a meeting, I told Kiran.

Vikram asks which meeting is happening now. Nakul says its US client. He ends call. He drinks at the bar and gets sad. Nimmo says you three sons have the right on Swaran ghar, not those tenants. Vikram goes. Kiran plays Amber’s voice message. Nimmo says Amber maybe lying. Kiran says no, Swaran will make relations. Nimmo says this relation will spoil when Swaran’s character is questioned, it will be good, they are true lovers.

Its morning, Ajit sees Swaran sleeping. He smiles and takes his tea. He says no, she will wake up if I make sound and drink. She wakes up and asks are you fine. He says I m good. She says you aren’t making noise while drinking. He says you were sleeping so. She checks the crates and asks how did I sleep, who did this,

you did this right, I told you I don’t need any help. He says no, a Genie had come and did this. He asks everyone to wake up, and hurry to fulfil Kanwal’s dream and Ginni’s project. Divya looks for Ajit. She doesn’t see Ajit’s clothes. She asks Jai what’s happening. She shouts. Jai says wait, I will make you talk to him. He calls Ajit. Ajit’s phone is on silent.

Swaran asks Micky to keep the boxes. Ajit comes to help. She says no need, the girls are taking the boxes. He says fine, I will make lemonade, its too hot outside. She says no need, I have made Aam panna. Nehmat hugs her and says sorry, I can’t come along, there is an imp case. Swaran says its okay, all the best.

Divya says he isn’t answering my call, tell me if there is any tension, did he leave the house, tell me. Micky says I forgot Ginny’s French braid. Ginni comes and shows her braid. Micky asks who made this. Ajit says my daughter had taught this to me, someone thinks I m useless, but I do help, I make everything perfect.

Ginni thinks to take Ajit to school somehow. She asks Ajit to come. Swaran says he has to go to dhaba, what’s his need. Ajit says she is inviting me, I will go. Swaran says we should go now. Ginni thinks I should be careful that his truth doesn’t come out. Swaran says I value what you are doing, you show concern for me, your family has the first right, your son, bahu, Dhillo… and Divya is also going to come,

I feel guilty. He says no, you can’t be wrong, I can handle everything and all the problems. He goes. She says Kanwal has sent this stubborn horse. She gets Mrinal’s call and asks for Bebe. She says I want Bebe’s blessing, I m starting cream business again. Mrinal says Bebe isn’t fine, I didn’t tell about Kanwal, sorry. Swaran says we should tell her. Mrinal says I was scared that she may get an attack, I m glad that you are fulfilling his business dream, I wish you great success. Swaran thanks her.

Swaran and Ajit put up the stall. Ajit thinks she is tensed, I will make her okay. They tell the teacher about the cream. He says I run a dhaba. Ginni says she is teaching me things also. Swaran says we make this cream naturally at home. Nimmo and Kiran come there. They ask for Ginni’s registration form.

They see Swaran and Ajit’s pic. Nimmo says now it will be fun, we have to bring them together and show that their story is true, I will tell the truth and reveal about her three sons. Swaran says its my husband’s recipe. Teacher says its amazing, beauty and food is related to women, great. Swaran says Mr. Bedi was great. Teacher says I can see that.


Swaran Ghar 10th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Swaran slips. Ajit catches her from falling in front of everyone.

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Telecast Date:9th May 2022
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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