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Swaran Ghar 6th October 2022 Episode starts with Arjun saying I will make you reach Ajit, don’t worry, come. Arjun and Swaran follow the bus. They stop the bus. Swaran gets on the bus and looks for Ajit. She doesn’t find him. The man says another bus left for Delhi. She says sorry, no use now.

Arjun asks her not to lose so soon. She says no. Ajit is on the way. Do pal….plays… Arjun and Swaran leave. Ajit lies down and cries. Arjun stops the bus. Swaran gets inside the bus and look for Ajit. She doesn’t see him. She says one more bus left. Arjun asks her to come. Ajit cries. He recalls Swaran.

Arjun sees the third bus and presses horn. He asks the driver to stop. The driver stops the bus. Conductor says the man is pressing the horn. Swaran calls out Ajit. Ajit says stop dreaming, she isn’t here. He hears her and looks down from the bus top. Swaran and Ajit see each other. He asks what are you doing here.

She asks what are you doing here, stay there, I m coming. She climbs the bus. She goes on the top. The guy asks who is this woman. Arjun looks on. Swaran scolds Ajit. The people look on and say maybe they are husband and wife, they had a fight, its matter of love. Swaran asks them to get quiet, she has to talk. She gets angry on Ajit.

Ajit asks did you come so far to say this. She asks him to stop it, else she will break his mouth. She asks where are you running. He says I m going for Jai’s work, why, can’t I go. They argue. She says tell me,

what happened, are you really for some work. He says yes, I don’t want to be with you, so I m going forever. She says you are leaving me, was this your friendship. Ajit says you don’t need me now, you told what was in your heart. She says you don’t know. He says I know everything, congrats. She asks why. He says your relation is fixed, congrats.

He sees Arjun. She asks what are you saying, what relation, you have gone mad, you are making me mad. He says yes, I have gone mad, you and Goldie stay happy. She asks what did you say, me and Goldie. He says I have seen everything. She asks what. He says I came to the park, you and Goldie..

don’t you know. She says I want to know what you have seen and heard. He says I didn’t hear anything, it wasn’t needed, I saw everything. She says listen to me first. He says I don’t have courage. She says you have to listen to me. He says you ended everything, I have always shown courage, you always broke it, you left me before, no use to say anything. She says you should have given me time.

He asks would you say what I want to hear, I know you have nothing in your heart, before you leave me and go, I decided to go away, I can’t hear it. She says I m not leaving you, listen to me. She asks him to get quiet. She says I need you, I want to stay with you, did you hear it. He looks at her.

She says that day, it was my no, but today, its my yes. He asks are you not going to leave me. She says no, I also have the same feeling in my heart. They cry. She says I want to stay with you forever. He asks really. She asks will you make me say it again and again. Ajit says Swaran has said yes.

The people clap and cheer. Arjun also claps for them. Ajit recalls Swaran. O meri kamzori…plays… They get down the bus. Ajit hugs Arjun. Conductor wishes them. Arjun says I m happy for you. Swaran says we will get your belongings down. Ajit says I have to go for Jai’s work. Swaran asks when will you come back. He says tomorrow. She smiles. He leaves in the bus. Arjun stands sad. A boy gives a flower to Ajit. Ajit gives it to Swaran. He asks do you want to come to Delhi with me. She says come soon. He says yes. He waves to her. She says I will wait for you.

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Telecast Date:6th October 2022
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