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Swaran Ghar 5th May 2022  Episode starts with Swaran asking Amber not to lie now. Ajit says its not Amber’s mistake, Nimmo did wrong, she spoiled the bride’s makeup, we didn’t tell you, Amber had gone there to scold Nimmo, you are calling her a liar, you don’t know how much worried I was since morning, I had seen Nimmo and Kiran on the terrace,

I knew it that something is wrong, so I came to that wedding to be around you and handle the wrong, I stay tensed these days, you are very innocent, Nimmo is clever, she always have something against you, so I find an excuse to reach you, we can’t tolerate bad always, Amber couldn’t tolerate so she went there, you like to scold everyone.

Amber cries and goes. Swaran goes to her. Amber says sorry. Swaran says I m sorry that I doubted you. She hugs Amber. Vikram talks on call. He thanks Guddu. Nimmo asks why are you so happy. He says the photo studio man is coming tomorrow, once we get a proof against mum and Ajit,

everything will get sorted, handle Nakul when he comes. Nimmo says yes. They see Yug. Yug asks where are you going. Nimmo says maybe he is going for some imp work, have the Chole. Yug says its Rajma. She asks him to have it. He says I have work and leaves.

Yug calls Nakul. He leaves an audio message, saying Vikram is acting good, he is going to do something wrong, come soon. Swaran asks is everyone ready for the party. They all are upset. Micky says Ajit isn’t here.

Nehmat asks how can we have it without him. Ginni asks for her chocolate. Swaran looks at everyone. She says you mean I should get Ajit. They say yes. She goes to call Ajit. She doesn’t find him there. She calls him. She sees him in kitchen, washing utensils. She says you are calling utensils.

Ajit says don’t say that I can’t do this. She says I will do it. He says no, I won’t hear taunts, my focus is always on taste, if I did wrong, then let it be, I will clean it. She says don’t use metal scrubber for non stick. He says I didn’t know. She says sorry. He says I m sorry.

She says I m saying sorry for my behavior, I kept scolding you, I know you have made it well. He says yes, I m good. She asks am I bad. She also cleans the kitchen. Micky says I think patch up happened. Swaran slips and drops a bowl. Ajit holds her. She closes eyes. Ajit looks at her. She sees the mess.

He says vessel was falling over you. She says you saved me. He says I get to know if anything wrong happens with you, it’s a childhood habit. Everyone comes and asks is everything fine. Swaran says yes. They see the flour fallen on the ground and laugh. They help in cleaning. Micky asks Swaran to have kheer. Swaran asks Ajit to come and have food. Ajit smiles and thinks I can’t go.

Micky asks Ginni about the red star. Ginni says its for the grandparents project. Micky says you don’t care for it, Swaran had gone to your school to sign. Ginni thinks Mrs. Bedi is okay, who is Mr. Bedi. She collides with Ajit. Micky complains about Ginni to him. ginni says I had so much to study, I didn’t remember this project. Ajit says Swaran had signed one week back. Ginni asks how do you know, did you come there.

Ajit says Dhillo studies there, I had come. Ginni thinks teacher has assumed Swaran and Ajit as husband and wife. Ajit says we will ask Swaran to make the project. Swaran says I won’t make it, you make it. Ajit says you used to make the project for me. Swaran says you decide, you want to become like me or him.

Ginni says like Ajit. They all praise Ajit. Ajit says fine, we will make it. Ginni says we have to put a stall in the fair, its about family tradition and legacy. Swaran asks her to make it, they can give her ideas. Amber says I also want hair champi. She puts her hand in the oil. Swaran says its hot. Ajit asks Neelu to get ice. Swaran says I have a better solution. She applies the cream to Amber.

Amber says you are different. She does drama. They all laugh. They like the cream and ask what is this. Swaran says its special homemade cream. Nehmat calls her a magician and asks her to make a business out of it. Swaran says it has natural products, we used to do this cream business some years back, company was running well, we had to sell it,

children didn’t want to run it, they were asking money, the cream name was Satyasona. Amber says Sona means Swaran, he loved you a lot. Nehmat says he loved you the most. Ginni says this cream is my project now. Amber says great idea, we will get a trial and check the response. Nehmat says yes, you can start the same business again. Swaran smiles.

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Telecast Date:5th May 2022
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