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Swaran Ghar 4th May 2022 Episode starts with Ajit asking Swaran to pack his bags. He goes out with Amber. He asks Amber to stop Nimmo. Amber says Kiran’s mum, how shall I go. She thinks I will lose Ashu if I go. Nehmat comes and asks what is Nimmo doing here, you were talking of this help. Ajit says yes. Nehmat goes to Nimmo.

She says I m from the groom’s side, I came early to ward off the bad sight, I will call Rakesh and say that bride’s face got spoiled. Gurmeet says no need, Pinky’s face is okay. Nimmo says I will go now.

Nehmat says we saw you somewhere. Amber asks how are you related to Rakesh. Nimmo says you may regret on your question. Ajit says baraat has come. Nimmo sees Swaran and runs away. Gurmeet says it means she was here for no reason. Ajit signs Nehmat. Swaran asks what happened. Nehmat says nothing, that lady was saying she is from groom’s side. Swaran says it happens.

She thanks Gurmeet for giving work to Micky. Gurmeet says you both did good work. Swaran says we will leave now. Gurmeet says we spoke about 15000rs, but you did a lot for us. She gives the money to Micky. Micky gets surprised seeing 51000rs cheque. Swaran and everyone smile. Swaran thanks Gurmeet and hugs her.

Swaran and the girls come home, dancing on dhol. Micky takes her blessings. Ginni says mum has become your assistant now. Micky gives the cheque to Swaran. Swaran keeps it near Kanwal’s pic and prays. Everyone decides to go out of the way and do something. Ginni argues with Micky and asks for chocolate.

Nehmat asks her to go to her room and shout. Swaran comes and asks them not to fight. Micky scolds Ginni. Swaran says I will get chocolate for you. Ginni says I have already sent you the name of the chocolate. Swaran goes. Amber says it was good acting. Micky says we want to do something special for aunty, so we did this drama. He says I can just make good food. They ask him to make Swaran’s fav food.

Amber gets Kiran’s message. Nehmat asks why did you get tensed. Kiran says now Amber will come running to me. Nimmo says I got insulted there, I feel like strangulating Amber. Kiran says I will show you something good. Nimmo says I want to slap that Amber. Swaran sees Amber going to Nimmo’s house.

Shorvori comes to her. Swaran says I m going to get this imported chocolate. Shorvori says no need, come we will order it at home. Swaran thinks why did Amber go there. Kiran and Nimmo scold Amber and ask her to do as they say. Kiran says I will give Amber not to do this before. Nimmo says I feel she is useless. She goes. Kiran asks Amber to decide if she wants her sweet family of Swaran ghar or Ashu. She goes. Amber says I want both.

Shorvori orders the chocolates. Amber comes there and lies to Swaran. Swaran says why did Amber lie to me. Kiran shows the pic to Nimmo. Nimmo gets happy. She says we will give this pic in newspaper. Kiran says no, Vikram has gone to the photo studio to find proof, we will show it in the court against Swaran. Vikram finds the studio closed. He talks to a tea vendor. He pays the man and asks him to call him when the studio opens.

Ajit makes the food. Amber says wow, Ajit is making a lot of things. Ajit says the food is ready. Amber jokes. Everyone smiles. Ajit says I had to make what Swaran likes a lot, it doesn’t matter I stay here or not, she is much upset with me. Micky says she will melt seeing all this. Ajit says tell me how she liked the food. He leaves. He opens the door and sees Swaran. He says I was just going. She asks did you have tea, you are making excuses seeing me.

He says you had rung the bell, I didn’t know you are outside. She says yes. He says it means I was going, right. She says yes, leave it, why did you come. He says these girls… She says they are my daughters, call them by their names. Swaran asks him to go. Micky asks her to come and see, Ajit has made good food for her.

Swaran goes to see. Nehmat asks Ajit to say, what did he make. He says chicken dum biryani and raita, Swaran likes it a lot. Micky asks what about sweets. Ajit says yes. Swaran says kheer. Ajit says I told them to put the dry fruits on the kheer. Swaran goes to see. She screams. They all go to see. She says what is this mess in my kitchen. Ajit and everyone see the mess.

Ajit says its good actually, its my hardwork, so the food gets such taste, I have made it by my heart and soul. Swaran says I feel some spirit has done this. He says we dhaba men make such mess, then the food gets good taste. She says its my house kitchen, I want everything clean in 2 mins, why did you come here. He asks would I make food in the washroom. Ginni says we had sent you to get chocolate. Swaran asks was it your plan to send me out. She scolds Ajit.

She says you have taught my daughters to lie, you did all this, I m not so foolish to not see lie. Amber says no, he didn’t lie. Swaran says but you have lied, why did you go to Nimmo’s house. Everyone looks at Amber.

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Telecast Date:4th May 2022
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