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Swaran Ghar 31st October 2022 Episode starts with Balli scolding Swaran. She says I m thankful to you and crying happily. He says it means you don’t want the liver, you want it right, so smile. She smiles. She says I have to say something. He says you want to talk to me, come, sit, don’t be shy, tell me.

She says its Nakul’s surgery today, I want to go to Gurudwara and pray for Nakul. He says it won’t help. She says I want to pray. He says fine, go. She asks really. He says yes. She thanks him. He says come downstairs, keep your mood happy. He goes. Swaran goes to tell Bebe. Swaran and Yug rush to leave. Balli stops her. He asks why would Yug go with you, I m your husband, I will go with you. Swaran asks why.

He says you don’t want to come with me. She says no. He says smile, come. Vikram comes. Balli says if Swaran goes with Yug, then the world will say that I don’t take care of Swaran, I will give liver to Nakul today and property share to Vikram. They leave. Yug and Bebe worry. Bebe asks Vikram are you happy now. He also goes.

Ankita and Divi meet Swaran at the Gurudwara. They ask are you fine. She says yes. They ask did you come to pray for Nakul’s surgery, we are glad to see you, since dad… Balli asks her to come. She goes. Ankita says Swaran was helpless to marry Balli. Swaran prays for Nakul. Ankita and Divi also pray.

Swaran thinks Ajit isn’t here, but his children are praying for Nakul today. Balli says you prayed for Nakul, do you want to stay back and pray for Ajit. Swaran goes crying. Divi recalls Ajit. She says my one mistake will make me cry all life, whatever happened with Swaran, for dad and her. Balli asks the men to give him a way. The prayer for Ajit is made in Gurudwara. Swaran prays for Ajit.

Saroj sees Swaran signing Yug. She says I have come to pray, what is Yug doing here. She says Yug has arranged all the food distribution to pray for Ajit. Balli says okay, we shall go home now. Swaran says we have to go for Nakul’s surgery. He says no, who said that, we will go home. Nakul says so much bad is happening with mummy, its my mistake. He cries and curses himself. Bebe and Kiran ask him not to say this.

Kiran says who knew that Ajit will suddenly get a stroke. Bebe gets a call from Yug. Yug says come home fast. Bebe says don’t worry, I will come. She says Yug called, he is tensed. Kiran asks will he come today. Bebe says yes, Swaran has risked everything, she will get him. Swaran says please come soon and save my son. Balli says I m helpless. Bebe comes and asks what happened.

Balli says its imp to reach at OT, Nakul’s life and surgery, cancelled. Bebe says don’t say this. He says I m helpless. He scolds Yug. He says I have married her, but she ruins my happiness. She asks Swaran to say what happened. Swaran says I had prayed there. Balli says she prayed for her lover Ajit. Yug says it was my idea. Balli says I will break his mouth. Swaran says sorry, forgive him.

Balli says you went against me. She says I did everything as you said, why are you doing this, Nakul needs liver transplant, please come. She begs him. Yug also begs him. Saroj scolds him. Yug gets angry and shouts on her. Swaran says stop it. Saroj says surgery won’t happen. Balli says surgery cancelled. Swaran says no, save Nakul, his life is in danger, don’t do this.

Saroj says you should have remembered it. Swaran says I m giving this house and money to you, I m ready to become your slave, save my Nakul. Balli says my heart is melting seeing her tears, what shall I do, I asked you not to cry, smile. Swaran says I m not crying, I m smiling, come with me. Balli says first sign the property papers, my nameplate should be there on Swaran ghar door, then I will sign the operation papers.

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