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Swaran Ghar 27th October 2022 Episode starts with the lawyer reading the papers for Balli and Swaran. Bebe sits crying. Balli signs. Divi asks Vikram to stop the men and not beat Ajit. Vikram asks Divi not to be foolish in emotions. Ajit says I will not break down. Vikram says Swaran and Baljeet’s relation would have joined there.

Balli asks Swaran to sign. Swaran recalls Nakul. She thinks forgive me Ajit, I know why I m doing this. Yug says please don’t do this mumma. Swaran sees Nakul’s pic and cries. She takes the pen to sign. Divi comes and sees her. She shouts stop Swaran aunty, Ajit’s liver also matched, he can save Nakul.

Swaran and everyone are shocked. Swaran cries and drops the pen. Yug says but the nurse said the liver isn’t matching. Divi says nurse was forced to say that. Saroj asks Swaran to sign the papers. Divi says save Ajit, Vikram wants to kill him. Swaran is shocked. Divi says Vikram has sent goons, he doesn’t want your marriage to happen, please save my dad, he will kill Ajit. Swaran says I won’t let this happen.

Saroj stops her. Balli asks her to sign. She says I m going to save my son and Ajit. She pushes Saroj and leaves. Bebe and Yug follow. Balli calls Vikram and asks couldn’t you stop Divi, she came here and told everything, Swaran left from here, I told you I will marry Swaran and then give your share, but now Swaran has gone, I want my right, I will get it, get ready, Swaran has gone to save Ajit, be careful.

Vikram gets angry. He says I don’t want to lose, I m giving you a last chance, run away and accept that you won’t give your liver to Nakul. Ajit scolds him and says you are a coward, you can’t kill me. Vikram asks the men to beat Ajit and break him down until he loses his breath. Ajit gets beaten up.

Vikram asks why do you want to die, just listen to me. Ajit says look into my eyes, if your inner person has become a devil, why aren’t you meeting my eyes, you can’t kill me, you are scared that I will die, you don’t have courage and hatred in you. Vikram recalls Ajit’s words and gets angry. He says I hate you, I got courage to kill you.

He beats Ajit. He takes a rod to hit him. Swaran comes there and stops Vikram. She slaps Vikram and says you hate Ajit, fine, but your love for Nakul is less, you didn’t think of your brother, how did you do this. She slaps Vikram repeatedly. She asks the men to leave Ajit. She holds Ajit. Ajit falls. She asks Ajit to get up.

She asks Vikram to not think of touching Ajit. Vikram says I also care for Nakul, Baljeet is donating his liver. She asks what about his demand, don’t you have a problem. He says no. She says I have seen a lot in life, good and bad time, good and bad relations, joy and sorrow, but I never complaint to Lord, I curse myself today that I gave birth to a son like you. Vikram cries. She asks Ajit to get up.

She asks Yug to call someone from the hospital. The ward boys come and take Ajit. Bebe comes. Swaran says if anything wrong with Ajit or Nakul, then I don’t know what I will do with you. She slaps Vikram and says don’t call me mummy, your mum is dead. She goes. Bebe says when you were born,

I had celebrated your birth and distributed sweets, I wish I had killed you, you are a devil, you didn’t deserve a mum like Swaran, I wish to kill you, shameless, what are you doing, Nakul is dying, you are doing such things here. She goes.

Doctor treats Ajit and says he is much hurt, he has internal injuries, we had planned the liver transplant. Bebe asks what will we do now. Kiran asks can’t he donate his liver. Vikram smiles. Doctor says no, he has to get fine, we have to do his internal surgery first, he will need one month time to get ready, Nakul may not wait till then, once cancer spreads, it will spread soon, tell me, would you take this risk. Jai says no, dad’s life is in risk. Swaran says you are right, Ajit should get fine first,

I don’t want his life to fall in danger. Ajit gets conscious. He says let the operation happen, I will donate the liver and save Nakul. Doctor says this will risk your life. Swaran says no, get well first, Balli can donate the liver. Ajit says no, its my right and duty to save Nakul, I won’t let you pay a price to Balli. She says you aren’t well. He says you aren’t my wife yet that I will listen to you.

He asks doctor to prepare for the liver transplant operation. He asks liver to sign the form. Jai sees Vikram and leaves. Divi cries. Ajit says make Divi away, she shouldn’t come even if I die. Swaran says she came to me and told me that your liver matches with Nakul, else Balli… Divi apologizes to Ajit. Bebe says you will get fine, Ajit. Ajit says don’t cry, I won’t leave you easily. He asks Swaran not to worry, he will just go and come. Swaran cries and nods.

Ajit is taken to the OT. Divi says its my mistake. Vikram says it was your foolishness. Swaran sits praying. Vikram scolds Divi. He says I didn’t do anything, this mad girl did this, I also worry for Nakul. Swaran goes to Vikram.

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