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Swaran Ghar 27th July 2022 Episode starts with Swaran working in the kitchen. Yug is at his movie audition. He cries and thinks of Swaran. He calls her. He says I was missing you, the scene went well, I m feeling strange, are you fine. She says yes, I m okay, I m fit and hit. She cries and says don’t worry about me, did you have your breakfast.

Yug says everything is fine. She says I know you are lying. He says I want 10000rs to pay next month rent. She says I will arrange. He says I don’t like asking you for money, but I thought… She says its okay, don’t worry. He says I want the money urgently.

She says I will arrange it. He says I asked Vikram for money, he said he is expanding Swaran Nikhar business. She gets happy. Vikram meets Mallika and says we want to meet your marketing head. The old man greets him and says I worked in Swaran Nikhar, didn’t you identify me, how is Swaran. Vikram says no.

The old man tells guard about Vikram ousting his mum and taking over her business. Arjun hears this. Swaran ends the call. Mrs. Gupta comes and asks her to make the food ready in time. Swaran says it will be ready, how shall I make chilli paneer, data is over, how shall I know the recipe, I will call Ajit.

Ajit asks Bebe to have medicines. She refuses to eat. She asks how do you run the dhaba, you stay here all day, Swaran has self esteem, she won’t like if I take your help. He says I know, I got her call, I will tell her that you aren’t taking medicines. Ajit answers. Swaran asks him to send the recipe for chilli paneer. She says I got work to cook in someone’s house, send the recipe in 2 mins. Bebe cries and recalls her words.

Bebe feels sad. Ajit sends the recipe. He consoles Bebe. He says don’t worry, I also do this cooking work at dhaba. She asks are you happy that she is cooking at someone’s house, she is struggling a lot. He says you are her support.

She asks shall I talk to Vikram, he is a son, he will realize his mistake some day, we have no other way. Ajit says do what you find right, but I know Swaran won’t like this. She says I think Vikram will respect me, he loves me a lot. Arjun goes to Vikram and hears his conversation with the marketing head.

Mallika says he is our CEO and MD, Arjun Deol. Vikram says hi, I m Vikram Bedi. Arjun checks the file and asks who is Swaran. Vikram says she is my mum. Arjun says she is the owner of the company, right. Vikram says brand name is on my mum’s name.

Arjun says so you were talking about family values, where is she, her decision will be final. Vikram says she is out of town. Kiran says she is unwell. Arjun smiles and asks which reason shall I find right. Vikram says she is unwell, so she went to Delhi for treatment. He gets Bebe’s call. He disconnects. Bebe signs no to Ajit. She calls again.

Arjun asks Vikram to take the call, it maybe imp. Vikram answers and asks Bebe why is she calling again and again. He says you left the house, please leave me now. Arjun looks on. Vikram says sorry, it was an imp call. Arjun says the meeting is over, it will happen when your mum gets fine and comes to meet us, cheats happen the most in family.

He puts the file and leaves. Bebe cries that Vikram misbehaved with her. Swaran makes the food ready. Mrs. Gupta asks Swaran to come with her. Swaran serves the drinks to the guests. She asks about babysitter’s job. The lady says working parents hire a babysitter, like a nanny. Swaran thanks her and thinks Bebe won’t have any objection with this job. Ajit asks Bebe to have water.

He thinks how will Swaran think knowing Bebe called Vikram. Swaran turns and sees Nimmo. Nimmo gets angry. The guests like the food. Nimmo says I know her well, she used to do parlor work in my neighborhood, she has become a cook here. The ladies sing and dance. Swaran sings. Swaran imagines dancing with her family. The lady praises her singing skills. Nimmo thinks she has become a servant from a queen,

I will see her today, she still has much attitude. She acts and says my tooth broke, paneer chilli is stone chilli, why did you call me here. Mrs. Gupta scolds Swaran. Swaran asks how can a stone come in paneer. Nimmo asks am I lying. She spits the paneer in Swaran’s hand. Swaran feels disgusted.

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Telecast Date:27th July 2022
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