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Swaran Ghar 25th October 2022 Episode starts with Swaran asking Bebe to go home, take Aarav along. Vikram says I booked a cab. He asks Yug to drop them outside. Swaran asks Jai to take his family home. Jai says no, let me stay here.

Ajit says I m here. Swaran cries and goes. Yug calls her out. Ajit says let her go, she is superwoman for us, but now she is a mum, whose son is in pain, leave her alone for some time. Swaran sits crying and says I did something wrong, don’t punish my son, punish me. She prays for Nakul. She asks Maa to show some way to her.

Ajit holds her and says Nakul would get fine, I spoke to doctor, cancer didn’t spread out from liver, liver transplant can save his life, someone’s liver will match from the family, he will get fine after the operation. She asks will we save him. He says yes, operation has to happen soon, we don’t have time.

She says my liver will match, I m his mum. He says I will also get the test done, maybe my liver matches. Balli looks on. Doctor explains about the liver transplant. She asks them to find the liver donor fast. Swaran and Kiran say we will give the liver. Divi taunts. Ajit says I can also donate the liver. Doctor says it should be just a family member, are you a family member. Ajit says no.

Doctor says sorry. Saroj asks who will give liver to Nakul. Balli asks if he dies. She says it will be good, both Nakul and Swaran will die. Ajit says I will marry Swaran and become a part of family, then I will donate the liver to Nakul. Divi asks Jai to stop Ajit. Jai asks her to have some shame, Ajit is doing right, Swaran won’t think if they need her. Doctor says just O bloodgroup members can come ahead. Ajit says I m O positive. Doctor says but you aren’t family yet, the test will happen tomorrow. Balli leaves.

Swaran gives the blood for tests. Ajit asks Jai to call the marriage registrar home, if liver matches, then he will marry Swaran tomorrow itself. She thanks him. He says I m not a stranger. Balli comes and says do my test also. Ajit says make them out. Saroj says don’t make this mistake, Balli’s blood group is O, he is also a family member. Doctor says sorry, Swaran’s blood group isn’t O, she can’t donate the liver. Saroj says his uncle can donate it. Divi says good, why shall our dad donate it. Jai stops her. Ajit asks Divi to go home.

Saroj says maybe Balli’s liver matches with Nakul’s liver, you can’t refuse now. Swaran nods. Balli smiles. Swaran asks nurse to take Balli and Ajit’s blood sample. Doctor says we will find it tomorrow, who can donate liver.

Its morning, Saroj says Balli’s liver matched with Nakul’s liver, we just got a news from the hospital. Swaran hugs Bebe. She says Nakul will get fine now. Kiran says he will be fine. Saroj says wait Swaran, we shall talk first. Swaran says we will handle his medical expenses and care. Balli says I like this about your bahu. Bebe scolds him. She says Swaran is my daughter. Saroj says she will become my bahu. Aarav asks what’s that. Kiran says we will talk later. Saroj says Balli will be donating the liver, he should get something in return. Yug asks what do you mean.

Saroj says I have a condition, Swaran has to marry Balli. Everyone is shocked. Bebe says you got mad. Yug says this marriage isn’t needed. Balli says we aren’t a part of this family, so its needed, I liked this lovely family, this relation will become legitimate now, I want my mum’s rights. Bebe curses Saroj and Balli. Yug says ask them to leave. Saroj asks Swaran what happened to her. She pities Nakul.

Balli says you all insulted us yesterday, because we are illegitimate, now you have to make us legitimate, you can save your son by falling in our feet, choice is yours. She taunts Swaran and Bebe. Lawyer comes from marriage registrar office and says I came for Swaran and Ajit’s marriage. Saroj says yes, but groom has changed, now Swaran will marry Baljeet Bedi.

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Telecast Date:25th October 2022
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