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Swaran Ghar 25th July 2022 Episode starts with Swaran saying the food is ready, we will go home in some time, take rest. Bebe asks did we make a mistake by leaving the house, this wasn’t our life. Swaran says this is our life, we will fill the colours of our choice in our life, don’t worry, we didn’t make any mistake by leaving the house.

Bebe says you miss the kids, right, would they miss you too, Vikram didn’t call us, I thought he loves me the most, he doesn’t care for anyone. Ajit looks on. Swaran says sorry. Bebe asks what’s your mistake in this. Swaran says everything happens for a reason, Lord is with us, we have to work hard and touch the sky, we will do it. Ajit thinks how do you get such courage, you didn’t leave the hope.

Arjun sees the drawing. He says Sapna, and smiles. His sister comes and says you are here. He says I don’t answer phone when I m busy. She says I worry a lot for you. He stops her from seeing the sketch. He says its Tanha’s new posters, official, no one can see it. She goes. He talks to Sapna’s sketch.

He says I remember everything about you like I remember you, this woman who saved my life, she was wearing the same earrings which you had worn that day, will she help me in finding you, or is this just a coincidence, I will know it after meeting this woman.

Arjun calls Chandigarh times. He talks to Mukesh and gives the reward ad for finding Swaran. He says I will find you at any cost. Swaran stops the newspaper seller and asks for the classified page. He asks her to take the pic of the page. Arjun sees the pic and thinks I may know something today.

Swaran clicks the job postings. She says one page is left. She thanks the man. Arjun talks to his sister. Swaran says I will show the pics to Bebe. A man comes there and teases Swaran. He takes her dupatta. He says I m your neighbor, I came to ask your name. She asks him to leave.

He says I know the pain of staying alone. She asks him to have shame and leave. She is about to hit him. Ajit comes and beats the man. She recalls the childhood moment when Ajit had beaten a guy. Ajit scolds the man. Swaran stops Ajit. Ajit threatens the man and pushes him away. The man leaves. Bebe asks what happened, who is there.

Ajit comes and greets her. She asks who were you shouting at. He says some dog. He asks her to have Chole. He says we have fulfilled the order on time, we should pat each other’s back. Bebe asks will you pat my back. He says no. She asks Swaran’s back. He says no, I will pay my own back. He asks Swaran to make tea.

Kiran says I have good marketing ideas. Vikram jokes on her. She sees the ad and says this looks like mum’s pic. Vikram reads the ad. Kiran says Arjun Deol is finding her. Nimmo asks who is finding her. She reads, this woman has saved Arjun’s life, Arjun is finding her. She jokes on Kiran.

She asks Kiran to tell her marketing idea to Vikram. Kiran says you are hungry for the credit. She says we will do marketing in RJ Tanha’s show, if Tanha tells about Swaran Nikhar, then it will be famous, his ad rates are high, 2 lakhs per ad. Nimmo says yes, you should have an idea for selling the cream. Swaran gets tea and asks Ajit to check the housekeeping ad. She says I will do that job.

Bebe says you were a queen in your house, you won’t work in someone’s house. Swaran says I have no degree, I just know managing a house. He says no, we will find some good job. Bebe says you agreed with me for the first time, there would be some teachers job also. Swaran says teachers job would need a degree. Ajit says you always take my class.

Ajit says I will send your resume on email id, Jai has taught this to me, everyone needs an email id these days. Swaran laughs. She recalls Yug’s words and tells her email id. Ajit asks password. She says Swaran Ghar, I have to do some job, I will talk to the temple pandit, he would need everyone, I will ask about tuition, I have taught Nakul and Yug till 7th and 8th, I will just come.

Ajit gives some money. She asks why. He says its your share for the order. She says no, we don’t involve money in friendship, you had to give money to someone. He says I don’t need this. She says even I don’t need, I will ask you when I need, I m getting late now. She leaves.

Arjun asks what, he paid the fees. Lawyer says yes, we will get a new date now. Arjun says its fine, take an early date. Lawyer asks can we meet today. Arjun says no, I m busy today. He sees the ad and says I just want to wait for her today.

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Telecast Date:25th July 2022
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