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Swaran Ghar 24th October 2022 Episode starts with Swaran saying Bau ji had married Bebe, Kanwal and Nirmal are elder to Balli, Bebe didn’t snatch anything, you are trying to snatch it, Kanwal has made this house for me,

Bau ji has nothing to do in this. Balli says I will have some share in Kanwal’s earnings too. Nakul asks him to talk with manners. Swaran scolds Balli. Divi murmurs. Saroj says Balli is Joginder’s son. Swaran says we admit Bau ji did wrong, you have ruined Bebe’s house, you are doing a big sin, did you think.

She says look at my sons, they know their manners and when to talk, you didn’t teach manners to your son, Ajit will teach him the manners, I had stopped him yesterday but I won’t stop him today, Ajit is coming to deal with you. Ajit is at the hospital. Doctor says you got Nakul here that day.

Ajit says he fainted, he is fine now, I came to get Bebe’s medicines. Doctor says I did Nakul’s tests, I had to give his report, liver cancer is diagnosed. Ajit gets shocked. Doctor says its primary stage, but we should start the treatment soon, I spoke to him, are you his father. Ajit asks is there any threat to his life. Doctor says everything will be fine, but treatment should start immediately. Ajit checks the reports and worries.

He recalls Nakul and cries. He thinks I have to give courage to Nakul, I can’t lose courage. He calls Nakul and says you lied to me, that we are together, how did you hide a big thing,

doctor told me everything, you have liver cancer, you should have come to me and talked to me, its fine, I m with you, don’t worry, Kanwal gave me your mum’s responsibility, children’s responsibility is also mine, I will get your treatment done and make you fine, are you listening. Swaran is shocked.

She cries and sees Nakul. Nakul asks Balli and Saroj to leave. He says we all got together after a long time, please don’t create problems, it’s a special day for us, its my dad’s birthday, don’t trouble us, just go, I won’t let my mum’s happiness get ruined, I don’t want to see her upset, please leave. Saroj says I have seen many like you. He says you will see it today, what does a son and family mean,

how to keep family united, we were useless sons and made many mistakes, we didn’t support mum, but she kept us connected, we are happy today, right mummy? He holds Swaran’s hand and says our mum taught us to stay together. Swaran hugs him and cries. He says my family is everything, I won’t let it break at any cost. He asks Yug to get the cake. Balli says we also got a sweet cake.

Yug says its bitter like you. Nakul coughs. Swaran worries. He says you are not just our mummy, but a power woman. He makes her wear Kanwal’s cape. He says Ajit didn’t come by now. Yug says Ajit has come. Ajit comes in. Nakul asks where were you, we were waiting for you. Ajit asks are you fine.

Nakul asks him to come. Saroj says I can’t tolerate more insult. Balli says calm down, I will get you your rights. Nakul asks Swaran to cut the cake. They cut the cake. Nakul feeds it to everyone. Ajit says I will take care of you. Yug asks Balli to have cake. Nakul coughs. Everyone worries. Nakul sees the blood on his hand. Everyone is shocked. Ajit says don’t worry, Swaran, sometimes it happens.

Swaran shouts call the doctor, Nakul has liver cancer. The family is shocked. They take Nakul to the hospital. Swaran fills the form. Ajit gives the reports. Nakul says I m feeling much pain, please save me. Swaran says nothing will happen, calm down. She consoles Aarav and Bebe. Nakul lies in pain.

Doctor checks him. He says we will start the treatment when his condition gets stable. Swaran hugs Kiran and consoles. Kiran says Nakul has cancer, if anything happens to him, what will I do. Swaran says we will do anything to save him. Swaran cries and recalls Nakul’s words. She goes and holds him.

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Telecast Date:24th October 2022
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