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Swaran Ghar 22nd August 2022 Episode starts with Swaran calling Nakul and asking are you coming with Aarav. He says we can’t come, Aarav isn’t well. She asks what happened to him. He says I will talk to you later. He disconnects and cries.

Kiran and Vikram get ready and come to him. Arjun sees Rj Tanha’s accessories. Bebe asks Swaran to have food, no one will come. Swaran signs no. She hears Aarav’s voice. She goes out to see. She sees Aarav and goes to him. She says Nakul said you aren’t fine. She sees her family members. She smiles happily.

She blesses Nakul and Kiran. She hugs him. Vikram also comes. She cries and hugs him. Ajit comes smiling. Swaran says Lord has done a miracle. She makes Aarav wear the crown and says you will look a Bal gopal now. Aarav feeds her laddoo and breaks her fast.

RJ Tanha goes live on the show. He unveils himself. He is Arjun. He smiles. Swaran does the aarti. Everyone attends it. Swaran and Neelu make the arrangements for the dinner. Bebe scolds Kiran. Swaran serves the food to everyone.

She says Kiran’s fav paneer is also there. Kiran thanks her. Swaran asks Neelu to get Chole for Vikram. She asks Ajit how did he do this miracle. Ajit says I was going to tell you. Arjun calls him and asks did everything go well, did Swaran meet everyone. Ajit says yes, everything went well, I wanted to tell you about the case going on, its my land, I run a dhaba there.

Arjun doesn’t hear his voice. Ajit’s phone battery gets dead. He puts it on charging. Nakul asks Swaran to come with him. Vikram says they left by their own wish. Arjun begins the RJ Tanha’s show. He advertises Swaran nikhaar products. Everyone hears this on the radio and smiles. Kiran says Tanha endorsed the product. Swaran asks did he talk about our product. Nakul says yes.

Swaran says its our product, Tanha is saying about it. Kiran says sorry to say, its our product ad, we will go now, Aarav also fell asleep. Nakul says yes, we will go. Swaran asks him to keep coming. She hugs and blesses him. Vikram also takes her blessings. She asks him to stay happy.

Bebe doesn’t bless Vikram. Vikram takes Aarav. Swaran blesses Kiran. Bebe blesses Nakul. Nakul leaves. Bebe asks Ajit when will you go. Ajit says don’t worry, I will go before you sleep. He says you should thank Tanha. Swaran says yes. Bebe asks why. Swaran says he ran an ad for our product.

Ajit calls Tanha’s show. Arjun says we have our next caller. He asks her what is her wish. Arjun smiles hearing Swaran. Bebe says ask him why did he keep his name Tanha, it’s a strange name. Swaran says I want to thank you for running Swaran Nikhaar ad. Arjun asks why, who are you. Swaran says I m Swaran. He asks is this Swaran Nikhaar on your name Swaran. Bebe says he doesn’t know it.

Arjun laughs. Swaran says yes, thanks for the ad. He says my pleasure, my good wishes are with you and the product. Bebe says you could have given her the receptionist job, but you didn’t give it. Arjun hears this. Swaran says sorry, I had to just thank you. She ends call. They laugh.

Its morning, Ajit is at home. He says I forgot my phone at Swaran’s house. She checks the land papers. He asks Jai to get some file to keep the papers. He sees a love greeting and recalls his words to Swaran.

He says I couldn’t give you this card ever, I m happy that you are with me even now. Arjun gets the list of candidates who came for receptionist job. He sees Swaran’s name. Swaran talks to a lady. She says they are refusing to give me work. Bebe says until fate supports you, it won’t help. Swaran gets a call from the radio channel.

The girl congratulates her and says you are selected for this job. Swaran asks are you sure. The girl says yes, you are selected, come to the studio. Bebe asks what’s the bad news. Swaran says I got a job. They get happy. She says I got a job in Tanha’s channel, how. Bebe says I complaint to Tanha that he didn’t give you a job, so it turned out this way. They hug happily.

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Telecast Date:22nd August 2022
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