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Swaran Ghar 21st July 2022 Episode starts with Arjun saying I will find her somehow. Ajit is on the way. He gets Jai’s call. He praises the Rangoli art of the men. He prays for Swaran. Swaran is on the way. She recalls the girl’s words.

Ajit leaves from there. Arjun is also on the way. Swaran gets Ajit’s call. He asks where is the party, did you get the job. She says no, I didn’t get the job, I m losing everything. He says don’t say this, don’t worry, your mum used to say that fate gets better if you see a peacock, I have seen a peacock drawing, our problems will get solved,

have faith. She asks what problem. He says nothing, don’t worry, everything will get fine. She says you have seen the peacock, how will things get fine with me. He says I will click you a pic if I see the peacock again. She ends the call.

She feels thirsty. She goes to a restaurant. She asks for water. The man asks her to get mineral water, its just for 20rs. She asks for plain water. She thanks him and drinks water at one go. She says I didn’t get a job, its fine, I will find another one. She orders tea and biscuits. He says we don’t have biscuits, but omelette.

She says no, just get tea. Ajit gives the money to Jai. Jai says no. Ajit says I think you gave the money to Divi to get me bailed. Divi comes. She says Param and I are going to Kasauli. Ajit says great, keep money, enjoy well. She asks him to take care. She hugs him and goes. Jai asks how will you arrange money for the lawyer. Ajit says I will arrange it, go. He worries for the money.

A man comes to the restaurant to give the catering order. The owner refuses and says I can’t take the contract, I don’t have staff. Swaran hears this. She asks why is your owner refusing. The waiter says we can’t make food for 100 people so soon.

Swaran stops the man and introduces herself. She says there is someone who can make the food for 100 people in minutes, you can come and meet him. Waiter gets her bill. The man says we will pay it, let it be. The lady pays the bill. Swaran thanks her.

Nimmo introduces Rohan Bajaj to Vikram and Kiran. Rohan shows the money. Arjun talks to the lawyer. He says Ajit will come on roads soon. He goes to find the locality. He asks some men about Swaran. Rohan says I don’t need to check the house papers, I trust Nimmo, she has a clean heart.

Vikram checks the contract. He says just 5% loan interest. Nimmo says yes, bank would take at least 10% interest. Vikram says I will sign the papers. Nimmo says I will go and make the tea. Rohan gives the pen to Vikram. He drops it and says sorry. Vikram says I will pick it.

Rohan’s manager keeps a paper in the documents. Vikram thinks I m helpless, mum will understand it, then everything will be fine. Nimmo gets tea for Rohan. Vikram asks Kiran to sign. Kiran also signs. Arjun also comes at the same spot and sees the peacock drawing. He asks the man to come to his office.

Ajit gets lawyer’s call. Lawyer asks for his fees. Ajit says give me some time. Lawyer says you will be at loss if you delay. Ajit prays. The man asks will your friend agree. Swaran says yes, don’t worry. Arjun asks Mallika to call a sketch artist home. Swaran also comes there and sees the peacock drawing. Arjun goes. Swaran says its great. She asks Ajit not to send the peacock pic, she has also seen it.

He says your fate will shine. She says he is Maninder, and that’s his sister Parminder. They give the order for their sister’s Roka for 100 people. Ajit thinks I wanted 50000rs. He says its my yes. He hugs Maninder. He asks them to call more people if they want. Maninder gives 10000rs advance.

Ajit says we got a big order, start now itself. Sukhi asks how will we manage, the staff is on leave, they can’t come from their pind. Swaran says we will do something, get the items first. Ajit sees Swaran. They smile.


Swaran Ghar 21st July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Mallika says you don’t know anything about her, will you identify her if she comes. Ajit sees Swaran and smiles. Arjun describes Swaran and gets her sketch made.

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Telecast Date:21st July 2022
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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