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Swaran Ghar 20th October 2022 Episode starts with Ajit and family coming home. Yug teases them. He says we shall sing and dance. Divi says but we came here to talk about marriage. Swaran says yes, have some food first. Saroj calls Bebe and asks shall I come inside to tell my truth to everyone. Bebe says no,

stay there, I will come. She goes out. Swaran goes to see Bebe. Bebe leaves in an auto. Ajit asks what happened. She says Bebe left in hurry, she was tensed at night, I m worried. He says don’t worry, we will go and see, where she went. They follow Bebe. Ajit says Bebe has come to Gurudwara, you worry a lot.

She says there is some matter, why did she hide. He says she looked worried. He sees Saroj coming. He says that woman was near Swaran ghar yesterday. Nakul comes home and sees everyone happy. Neelu asks about Vikram. Nakul says have food, he went for some work, I will come. He sees Kanwal’s pic.

He says don’t know I can become hero or not, I don’t want anything serious, you decided right by writing Ajit’s name in the will. Yug comes and finds him crying. Shorvori says Swaran messaged, Swaran and Bebe went to Gurudwara. Yug says it was also imp. Bebe and Saroj argue.

Ajit and Swaran look on from far. He asks who is that woman, what are they talking. Bebe argues. Ajit says Bebe looks worried, come. Swaran says wait, we should go there or not. She recalls Bebe’s words. She says is that lady… Ajit asks who. Yug says marriage isn’t marriage without haldi and mehendi. Neelu says we should do the functions. Swaran says I don’t know how to handle Bebe. Ajit asks but why are you tensed, tell me. Nakul calls the doctor and asks did reports come.

Doctor says yes, sorry to say but you have liver cancer. Nakul says but how can this happen, did you check the reports well. Doctor says don’t worry, its stage 1, anything can happen if you delay the treatment. Nakul starts coughing. Swaran gets hiccups. Ajit says we will go inside and talk to Bebe and that woman. Swaran says no, Bebe didn’t tell this to anyone, not even me, even Kanwal didn’t tell them, why is that woman here. Ajit asks who is she, we can’t leave Bebe alone.

He asks her to sit. He goes to get water. Saroj’s son comes and gives water to Swaran. Ajit sees him and thinks who is he. Saroj says Balli, you have come. The man moves the dupatta off his face. Swaran sees him. Bebe looks on. Vikram is also around. He looks on. Bebe asks did you get Balli along. She asks Balli to stay away from her bahu. Balli asks what happened, did I do wrong to feed water to my late step brother’s wife. Ajit and Swaran are shocked.

Ajit pushes and scolds Balli. Balli says Bebe has her bahu’s lover along, amazing. Bebe says you learnt this from your mum. Balli says from my dad, who had a relation with you both. Ajit looks on shocked. Swaran asks Bebe to come. Balli makes Swaran wear the dupatta over head. Ajit gets angry and says I will break your hand. Swaran asks Ajit to leave him. Saroj says I have to tell a lot.

Bebe says we won’t talk to these dogs. Balli says look at their attitude, your Sautan and your bahu, I heard its Kanwal’s birthday, won’t you call us. Saroj says we will go there by our right. They leave. Vikram asks what’s this way to talk. Balli says yes, I m hungry, take me along, feed us something.

Vikram goes with them. They are at some dhaba. Vikram says we could have done meeting at some good restaurant. Balli says I m your Chachu, have cold lassi. Vikram says show some humanity. Saroj says we stayed in Canada and having chole bhature here. He says you should have behaved well with mum and Bebe. Balli says more respect creates misunderstandings,

I heard Swaran is having an affair in this love, you don’t know, wrong happened with us. Swaran asks did Jai and Divi feel bad. Ajit says no, they left, they had seen Bebe unwell. Bebe cries. Swaran asks Nakul are you fine, my hiccups weren’t stopping. He cries. She asks did anything happen, tell me.

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Telecast Date:20th October 2022
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