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Swaran Ghar 20th July 2022 Episode starts with Ajit smiling seeing Swaran. He helps her in work. She laughs. He says our life is also like handpump, it looks like stopped, but someone comes and gives us hope.

O jaaniya….plays… Nimmo asks Kiran to call Neelima and ask her to do the work. Neelima comes. Kiran asks why are you coming late. Neelu says I came on time, no one opened the door. Kiran asks her to make breakfast for her. Nimmo asks for aloo paratha and tea.

Neelu says I want 20000rs salary per month if you want me to work so much, else you can do it yourself. Kiran says this is my house now, do the work. Vikram says I have to sell the house, Jessica said she won’t come here,

the agent is ready, think and tell me. He asks Kiran to give salary to Neelu. Swaran says I have fed all the contacts in the phone. Bebe gives her some curd and sugar.

She wishes Swaran. Swaran says I will work hard and take the Swaran ghar back. Bebe jokes. Swaran leaves. She sees Ajit. He asks her to come, the radio office is far, he will drop her. She says I will go myself.

He asks what’s the need to struggle. She says I m struggling every day, I have to get habitual to the life’s changing colours, wish me good luck. Ajit wishes her. She leaves. She walks on the road. Her slipper breaks. She walks barefoot and then gets her slipper fixed. She goes to the bus stand. Arjun is on the way.

He calls Mallika and asks about the auto details. She says I couldn’t find any detail. He says I want to thank that woman. He stops near the bus stand. He doesn’t see Swaran there. He leaves. She says I will get late for the interview. She goes in a rickshaw.

Swaran reaches the radio channel. Arjun comes. Guard says our boss is coming, get aside. Arjun asks Mallika to handle the interviews. Kiran asks Nimmo to sign. Nimmo asks will you make Swaran ghar as Nimmo ghar. Kiran says I will sell your house and give money to Vikram, we will get the entire Swaran ghar.

Nimmo scolds her. Kiran says it was your plan to make Swaran out. Nimmo says I won’t give you my house papers, problem is Vikram, you think how to make him forget of selling the house. Ajit serves a customer/his lawyer. The man praises the food. Ajit says this land and dhaba, its mine, just win this case.

The lawyer says this land will always be yours. He loves the lassi also. Ajit asks for his fees. Lawyer says 50000rs per hearing. Ajit thinks how will I get so much money. Guard asks Swaran to leave. Swaran says I will just go in and ask.

She goes to Mallika and says I have come for this receptionist job. Mallika says this job isn’t for you, you can just pray that we get the right candidate. She taunts on Swaran’s age. Swaran recalls Vikram’s words. She says its written here, age no bar. She answers Mallika. She says take my interview once, don’t reject me.

She says we housewives do the work on time, so people like you reach office for jobs, what work do you do. Mallika says I handle interviews here, I reject you. Swaran asks can I meet your boss once. Mallika says I don’t think he wants to meet you.

Arjun asks the auto driver about Swaran, where did he drop him. Driver says I don’t remember. Arjun gets angry. He asks him to have the tea. He looks outside and sees Swaran. Driver thanks him for the tea. Swaran leaves.


Swaran Ghar 20th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ajit gets a call from lawyer for fees. Arjun makes a call and says make sure you show the dhabewala where he belongs. Swaran says she needs to find a source of income.

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Telecast Date:20th July 2022
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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