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Swaran Ghar 19th October 2022 Episode starts with Bebe waking up from sleep and seeing Saroj in her room. Saroj throws the pics down and says I will burn your family, happiness and life if I don’t get my rights. She burns the pics. Bebe shouts don’t ignite the fire. She wakes up from the scary dream and shouts.

Everyone comes and calms down Bebe. Vikram thinks to find out about that woman, Bebe is disturbed after meeting him. Swaran sends everyone. She asks Bebe to say what’s the matter. Bebe asks Swaran to shut the window. She cries and goes to sleep. Swaran worries. Saroj looks at the house and says this storm has come as reality for you.

Its morning, Swaran asks Bebe are you fine, see everyone has come, we are in our Swaran house with all the rights. Bebe recalls Saroj’s words. Swaran asks Divi to have breakfast. She says Jai said you didn’t have anything since morning. Divi says don’t try to become my mum. Yug says you can’t talk to mum like that. Bebe says we are here to discuss about Swaran and Ajit’s marriage. Kiran says sorry, I wanted to say that I m with Nakul, we are happy in mummy ji’s happiness. Bebe says good,

Divya and Vikram, I know you both aren’t happy, think, its tough for a person to live alone, you have families, spouse and kids, you can share your happiness and sorrow, you need someone to support, you both have to decide if you want to return their happiness or not. Nakul signs Vikram. Vikram says mummy, I won’t put any hurdle in your marriage, I don’t understand, I m tired, so I don’t want to say anything, so its my yes.

Ankita says I have no problem with this marriage. Ajit asks Divi to agree. Divi gets angry. She says no, I can’t do this. Jai asks her to listen. She says I don’t accept this relation. He says you love dad, right, think of him once. She says wrong is wrong always. He says listen. She leaves. Swaran says give her some time. Kiran goes to Divi and scolds her. Divi says its Swaran’s house, not yours.

Kiran says your Bhabhi looks really happy, you have got alone, say yes for this marriage, its your profit, like its profit for me to stay in Swaran ghar. Divi says I don’t want this house. Kiran says but you want your dad, if you agree, then your dad will be your dad always, else he has become of Swaran already. Divi recalls Ajit.

Divi comes to Ajit and asks will I always be your priority. Ajit says yes. She says if Swaran and I need you someday, to whom will you go first. Swaran says no one can take your place in Ajit’s life. Divi says I will never give her my mum’s place, if your happiness is with her, then I accept this relation, marry her. Swaran says if you aren’t happy… Divi says I accept this for dad’s happiness. Everyone smiles.

Divi says I agreed now, but you have to feed me food by your hands. Ajit hugs her. Yug says congrats, relation is fixed. Everyone hugs. They all eat sweets by Swaran’s hands. Jai says I have to go to office. Yug says we will celebrate here. Jai says I will end my work and come in evening. He leaves. Doctor calls Nakul and asks him to come for tests. Nakul leaves. Swaran says everyone agreed.

Ajit says don’t worry, everything will be fine. She asks him to have sweets. He asks her to have it too. They eat the sweets and smile. Bebe thanks Lord. Nakul says Vikram, I want you to come with me. Vikram asks where do you want to go, I have imp work. Nakul says hospital. Vikram asks are you fine. Nakul says just come, I will tell you everything.

Swaran says I have made food of everyone’s choice. Shorvori says they gave you happiness today. Swaran says this halwa is my Nakul’s fav., he said he will become my hero son, I got much happy, I can’t forget it. Vikram asks is everything fine, is there any secret disease, you can tell me, I won’t tell Kiran. Nakul says don’t joke,

I was getting a cough, blood came in the cough. Vikram asks what. Nakul says don’t tell this to mum and Kiran, we will find out first. Vikram asks what happened to you. Doctor asks Nakul to come for one more tests. Vikram asks what happened to Nakul. Doctor says its not a minor symptom, we are doing the tests. Saroj asks someone who is he messaging. Vikram gets a message about Saroj.

He replies I m busy now. The man writes, is everything fine, you are at the hospital. Vikram replies who are you. The man replies, that lady’s son, meet me if you want your benefit. Vikram goes to meet that man. He asks who are you. The man says the one who messaged you, who can go to any extent to get own right, I heard you are also such. Vikram asks what’s Bebe’s relation with your mum. The man says their relation is deeper than an ocean.

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Telecast Date:19th October 2022
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