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Swaran Ghar 19th July 2022  Episode starts with Swaran trying to call Yug. She gets number busy. She thinks Nakul and Yug won’t know that I m not staying at Swaran ghar. Ajit is on the way. He recalls Swaran.

O jaaniya….plays… Ajit follows Shorvori. He sees the place and says Swaran is staying here. Bebe says Swaran, you have touched this house and made it shine, now I can stay here well. Swaran says I will make tea and come.

Shorvori comes and likes the house. She hugs Swaran. She asks why did you leave us and come. Swaran says I will get bread pakoda also. Ajit comes and knocks the door. He says I m your neighbor, can I get some sugar. Swaran looks outside and sees Ajit.

Swaran says Shorvori, I gave you a swear…. Ajit says she didn’t break any swear, I would have found you any way. Bebe asks why did you come after us. Swaran smiles. Ajit says you should treat the guest well, fine, I will go, I had got bread pakodas, we could have eaten it together. Bebe says fine, come. Ajit smiles.

Bebe says you don’t need to make excuses, you always reach wherever we go. Arjun is at the radio channel. He says I will take the receptionist interviews tomorrow.

Swaran looks for a job. Shorvori says you can handle Swaran Nikhaar. Swaran says I don’t have that business now. Ajit says we can do some work at the dhaba. She says no, its of you and your kids, I will do a job.

She sees the job listing of the radio channel. She says I will go for the interview. Arjun thinks of Swaran. Shorvori wishes Swaran all the best. She says one RJ is really the best on that channel. Bebe jokes on Ajit. Shorvori leaves. Swaran says maybe we can have a new start from here.

Ajit says yes, work which gives us a decent earning is Lord’s gift. She says I will go there once and see, good if it suits me, else I will find something else. Ajit says I will go now, I will meet again. Bebe asks how many times will you meet. He says I was thinking to get jalebis also. Swaran takes Ajit outside.

He asks for the radio channel address. He gives her phone. She asks where did you get this. He says from accident spot, a nice person got this and called me. He says Vikram has done wrong, its not your mistake, its my mistake. She says whatever is written in fate happens, I have learnt a lesson. He asks her to take care, and call him if she needs help. She says I know, go now. Ajit leaves.

Bebe and Swaran hear RJ Tanha. Arjun asks the girl to go out, RJ Tanha likes to be alone. RJ Tanha is seen. Ajit comes to the dhaba. Divi apologizes. Ajit says one gets senses after learning a lesson. Jai says I have to talk to you about the lawyer. He asks Ajit to listen to RJ Tanha once, he will love him. Divi and Jai praise him. Ajit jokes. He meets the lawyer. Lawyer says Arjun has challenged the stay order. Ajit gets angry.

He switches off the radio channel. RJ tells about the boss’ accident. He plays a song for Miss S/Swaran. Swaran looks for her kerchief. Bebe says you had it. Swaran says I had tied it to that man’s hand, he was bleeding, you also forgot. Arjun sees the kerchief. She says I hope that man is okay.

Bebe says you should have taken money from his sister. Swaran thinks everything will get fine. Its morning, Swaran does the Tulsi puja. Ajit smiles seeing her. He says everything will get fine. She says Nakul and Yug are making a video call, how shall I talk to them. He asks didn’t you tell them. She says no, they will worry.

He asks her to talk. She says I will talk to them. He goes. She answers the call. She asks how are you both. They ask her to switch on the camera. She says its not working, are you okay. Nakul says yes, I was missing you and Aarav. Yug says I m also missing you, Vikram told us that you went out. Swaran says yes, Bebe wanted to visit. Yug says I want to come home. She cries recalling Vikram and Kiran’s deceive.


Swaran Ghar 20th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Swaran goes to Arjun’s office for interview. Arjun passes by without seeing her. Swaran gets rejected from the interview.Swaran is waiting in line, Arjun sees her earrings.

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Telecast Date:19th July 2022
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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