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Swaran Ghar 19th August 2022 Episode starts with Bebe seeing Arjun and says you are the same person. She blesses him. Ajit says he made Swaran a VIP in Aarav’s school. Bebe thanks him for the big favor. Arjun says you both have done a lot for me. Bebe stops Ajit and asks Arjun to talk. She says Swaran said you are a rich man.

Arjun talks sweetly. Nakul gets Nimmo’s bag and asks her to leave. He says when my mum isn’t here, why is your mum here, ask her to go. Nimmo says I m also like your mum. He says please, you have a house, you should go. Kiran asks Nimmo to leave. Nimmo angrily leaves.

Bebe gets water for Arjun. Ajit says I had to talk to you. Arjun says finally, you want to tell about the matter you were going to say in the car. Ajit says a court case is going on. Swaran’s dupatta burns. Ajit says its my land, that man wants my land, he is rich, I need some help. Arjun sees the fire and shouts no.

He runs and pulls Swaran’s dupatta to blow off the fire. Ajit holds the aarti plate that falls from her hands. They both ask her is she fine. She says yes. Bebe asks what happened. She sees Arjun’s hands burnt. She asks how did this happen. Bebe says you would be hurt, thanks for saving Swaran’s life. Arjun says I just… Ajit saved the aarti plate, it’s a bad omen if the aarti plate falls.

Swaran takes Arjun along and pours water on his hands. Ajit looks on. Bebe praises Arjun. Arjun says we have become friends now, there is no favors. Swaran asks are you fine. He says yes. Nimmo and Kiran order the things for the Jhanki.

Nimmo asks for money. She says I don’t stay here, I will do the work and take money, make a cup of ginger tea for me, I will do the decoration. Kiran gives the money and goes. Swaran says I forgot to make the prasad.

Ajit says I got the sweets for prasad, wait. Arjun says even I got the sweets, you can keep it as well. They both give the sweets. Swaran says we got two sweets boxes now. She takes both the boxes. Kiran sees the jhanki and doesn’t like it. Aarav says you have fixed it wrong. It all falls down.

Kiran asks Nimmo to return the money. Nimmo says I have worked hard. Nakul comes. Aarav says I will do, Swaran used to show the jhanki to me every year on video call, I remember everything. Nakul smiles and says I will help you. Swaran keeps the sweets. Bebe takes the sweets brought by Arjun.

Swaran says I like boondi laddoo since childhood. Ajit thinks I know so I got this. She asks Arjun to have it, Ajit makes it really well. Arjun says you also eat. Ajit says she won’t eat until her grandson Aarav comes. Swaran says yes, he will feed me the laddoo and then my fast will open. Aarav makes the jhanki ready and asks Nakul to take a pic of it. They go to meet Swaran.

Nimmo asks Kiran to save Aarav from Swaran. She says Swaran shouldn’t win. Bebe asks Arjun to call her Bebe and blesses him. He says we became friends, we will keep coming. Ajit also takes her blessings. Swaran asks Bebe to come and have food, Tanha’s show will begin, Tanha is a nice person, his words touch heart. Arjun hears this and smiles. Ajit and Arjun leave. Bebe says Arjun and Rajeshwari are poles apart. Kiran stops Nakul and Aarav. She argues with Nakul.

Kiran says Aarav is my son, you can’t stop me. Aarav says I want to go to Swaran. She says we will go to Nimmo, she also kept a fast. He says no, I saw her eating food. Nakul says let him meet my mum. She says no, he won’t go, that’s my final decision. Arjun and Ajit are on the way.

Arjun asks what were you saying, tell me. Ajit says its okay. Arjun says tell me, maybe I can help. Ajit says actually… He gets Nakul’s call. He asks are you coming, Swaran is waiting for you. Ajit says you promised you will come and get Aarav. Nakul says yes, I can’t come. He recalls the lawyer’s words and gets angry on him.

Ajit asks what do you mean, your mum is hungry and you are saying you can’t come. He scolds Nakul. Nakul says tell mummy, I didn’t call to hear your lecture. Ajit says listen to me. The call ends. Ajit says who will open her fast now.

Arjun recalls Swaran’s words. Ajit says I have to go to Swaran and tell her. Arjun says don’t worry, Swaran won’t be alive. He gets soda for Ajit. Ajit asks how do you know that I like it. Arjun says I know your anger needs this. He shows Vikram and Kiran.

Bebe and Swaran talk about Vikram. Swaran wishes that Vikram comes, a miracle happens. Kiran asks what is he doing here. Arjun says I have a good deal for you, take Nakul, Aarav and Vikram to Swaran, I will endorse your ad on Tanha show. Vikram asks are you sure. Arjun says I m sure, I will do the content myself, just do what’s told to you.


Swaran Ghar 20th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Swaran sees Aarav and runs to hug him. She sees Nakul. She says miracle happened. Arjun goes to the radio channel and starts the Tanha show.

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Telecast Date:19th August 2022
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