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Swaran Ghar 18th October 2022 Episode starts with Jai greeting Swaran and taking the grocery bag. She says Ajit told me that you have no problem with our relation. He says yes, I m happy, you both aren’t doing anything wrong.

She blesses him. He says we have to convince Divi, she is upset because she has to answer her inlaws. She says she isn’t right, she would worry for her Sasural, I don’t want any trouble. He says yes. She hears the dhol sound and goes to see. She sees Shorvori, Neelu and Aarav dancing. She hugs Aarav.

Ajit comes. Shorvori makes Swaran dance. Neelu hugs Swaran and says congrats, you got the house back. Swaran says sorry Jai, our talk discontinued. Ajit says congrats. She asks why did you do this. He asks didn’t you like it. She says children aren’t happy. Yug comes with Bebe and says who said your kids aren’t happy, two kids are happy. Swaran hugs him. They cry.

She asks how are you, did your work get over. He says yes, Bebe told me everything, I m with you and Ajit, don’t worry. Ajit says he is the most sensible one. Swaran asks did you do this. Yug says I wish, your fav son has done this. He shows Nakul decorating the house. She asks did you do this, Nakul.

Nakul says forgive me, I m with you in this decision, I will become a hero and show you, as dad wanted. She says you are already my hero. Jai says sorry dad, I went to meet Swaran without informing you, Divi. Ajit says Divi refused to come, we will talk to Vikram and Divi. Swaran gets hiccups. Nakul coughs. She asks are you fine, sit. Ajit asks are you fine. She goes to get water. Nakul coughs blood. He gets shocked.

He hides the kerchief. He says I m okay now. She says I wish you always stay fine, my hero son. She hugs him. Ajit says we should go to Swaran ghar. Bebe asks Nakul to come, they will prepare to welcome Swaran. She asks Swaran to come with Ajit and Shorvori. Vikram says its on us now. Divi looks at him. Bebe and Nakul come. She asks Vikram to pack his bags. He says I won’t go until mum tells me herself. She says she is coming, don’t shed the crocodile tears. An old lady comes and angers Bebe.

Vikram signs Nakul to ask about the lady. Nakul signs he has no idea. Bebe turns to see the lady. The lady says its me Saroj. She laughs and says you got too angry. Nakul asks who is she. Saroj asks is Swaran coming. Swaran comes home with Ajit and Shorvori. Bebe asks Saroj to get out. The neighbors welcome Swaran. Bebe asks Saroj to leave. Saroj says remember my son will soon come to get his rights. Bebe is shocked. Neelu says we will welcome Swaran. Swaran enters the house with Kanwal’s pic. She cries.

Kiran does Swaran’s aarti. Kabhi na dhoop…plays.. Swaran recalls Kanwal. She keeps his pic and lights the diya. She says I got my fourth son back by your blessings. She hugs her sons and Kiran. Divi asks when will we talk. Swaran says wait, we will talk. Vikram says don’t know what happened, Bebe went to her room. Swaran goes to Bebe. She asks what happened, you came here alone, I thought you will bring me inside the house, come downstairs, the children are waiting.

Bebe says ask them to leave, I can’t talk to anyone. Swaran asks what happened, its okay, we will talk tomorrow, take rest. Bebe lies down. Swaran comes downstairs and says Bebe has a headache, she isn’t well, she said we will talk tomorrow. Divi asks am I free to come every day, we can talk without Bebe. Swaran and Ajit explain. Divi says we will see it tomorrow. She leaves.

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Telecast Date:18th October 2022
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