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Swaran Ghar 17th August 2022  Episode starts with Ajit saying you have done an amazing thing. Swaran says all thanks to Arjun. Arjun says I didn’t do anything, good happens with the good, you saved my life, I should give my formal introduction. Ajit says she is Swaran and you are Goldie. The man calls out Ajit.

Arjun asks are you Jeet, we are also friends now, you can call me Goldie. Ajit says sure. Swaran laughs. Rajeshwari says buy that dhaba. Lawyer says Arjun won’t like it. She says we won’t tell Arjun, but I can’t lose that land. Arjun asks Swaran do you help everyone. Ajit says yes. She says Lord has sent us to help everyone,

I helped that day and got this reward today. Arjun says I got a reward to get a friend like you. Arjun and Ajit offer her lift. She says no need, I will go. The lady asks will you drop my kids to school. Swaran says yes. She leaves. Arjun says I will drop you, come. They leave and have a talk on the way.

Ajit says Swaran used to live like a queen in her house, now she is dropping others kids to school, its just because of her son. Arjun says Vikram Bedi, I met him by coincidence, I got to know he is Swaran’s son. He gets Vikram’s call. Ajit says don’t talk to him well. Arjun answers the call. He asks who is this.

Vikram says its me, Vikram Bedi, you wanted mum’s address. Arjun says you ousted your mum and Bebe from the house, I don’t need your help, thanks. Ajit says I get angry seeing him, I will break his bones. Arjun asks him to calm down. Ajit says you should have slapped him.

Arjun says Vikram would be going mad thinking if I found out about his mom. Ajit says great, you are talented. Arjun says its my daily work. Bebe sees the video and praises Swaran. Swaran asks Neelu to take the tiffin. Neelu says Bebe packed it for me. Swaran says I m sending this for Vikram.

Swaran says let me send it for Vikram, Bebe. Bebe gets silent. Arjun says Swaran can do some better job, I can offer her a job. Ajit says don’t do this mistake, she has much esteem, your friendship can break if you offer her a job. Arjun says I felt the same. Ajit says we will celebrate Janmashtami together tomorrow.

He gets a call from Jai. Jai asks him to come to dhaba soon, lawyer said that the witness refused to come to court. Ajit says I will come. He asks Arjun to drop him, his house is close. Arjun asks is everything fine, I can help. Ajit says I will ask you if I need help. He gets down the car and leaves.

Swaran says we will also celebrate Janmashtami. Bebe instructs her. Swaran says I will make a list, I will get the puja items also. It starts raining. The coal gets drenched. Swaran gets it inside the house. Ajit talks to the lawyer. He gets upset. Bebe asks what will happen now. Swaran says we will do something, don’t let the faith break. Ajit asks how can this happen, both the witnesses can’t refuse to give the statement, they know this land is mine. Lawyer says maybe someone bribed them. Ajit gets angry. He recalls Arjun’s words. He says he was saying right.

Rajeshwari comes to Arjun. She says we won the case, witness won’t come from the dhaba man’s side. Arjun asks did you do anything, you know it well… She says we have to go to meet CM and then celebrate Janmashtami. He says sorry, I have other plans. Swaran gets the lights and says Gulabo gave this for free. Bebe says its beautiful. Swaran says you are my courage, we will celebrate Bal Gopal’s birthday. Shorvori comes to meet Swaran. She gives her a saree.

Swaran hears RJ Tanha’s show and laughs. She says I got an idea, I can make many clothes for bal Gopal by these sarees, I will go and buy some stuff. She goes and buys the things. Gulabo says Bebe said dhaba is closed today. Swaran says yes, just today. Swaran gets orders for Kanha’s clothes. The ladies pay the advance. Swaran says sure. Gulabo says I have commission in this. Swaran says sure. She goes and buys more stitching material.

Tanha is still doing his radio show. Swaran makes the clothes for Kanha. Bebe likes it. She asks Swaran to have food. Swaran asks her to listen to the great song. The ladies get the clothes and hand over to Swaran. Swaran puts Bebe to sleep. She switches off the lights. She lights a candle and sits to work.

Bebe thinks Swaran thinks a lot for everyone, I wish I could do something for you. Swaran does the work and thinks its 12, I will have the food when Bal Gopal comes and breaks my fast. She misses the family. She thinks Aarav is my Bal Gopal. Its morning, Swaran gives the clothes to the ladies. Bebe talks to Shorvori on call. She says Swaran worked all night, just get Aarav here, how will Swaran break the fast. Shorvori says Nommo won’t allow it.

Swaran gets hiccups. Bebe looks at her. She says you do a lot for everything. Swaran says you are there for me. Bebe asks how will you break the fast without Aarav and Nakul. Someone knocks the gate. Swaran goes to check. She sees Nakul.


Swaran Ghar 18th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap : Nakul says to Swaran that he is there to take Bebe and her along with him. Swaran says to him, I have transferred Swaran Ghar in Vikarm and Kiran’s name. Nakul slaps Vikram and says how dare he do this to mummy and asks for property papers.

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Telecast Date:17th August 2022
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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