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Swaran Ghar 15th July 2022 Episode starts with Swaran saying I just need 20000rs I paid for the bill. The lady asks her to keep the rest as a reward. Swaran says I took my rights, I saved him as it was my duty. The lady gets angry.

Swaran gives he the money back. Bebe asks the lady to look after her brother. Swaran says we will leave now. Ajit gets freed from the lockup. Divi bails him out. He asks for his phone. He says Swaran didn’t call back.

Constable asks who is Swaran. Divi says no one. Arjun wakes up and recalls Swaran. His sister and staff come. She asks how do you feel after the accident. He says no use, you will reach after me. She says I asked you not to drive in speed, you broke the expensive car. He says I was running away from you,

everyone tells that I went on you. He smiles. She asks the doctor to let her brother leave, her doctor Kohli will take care. Doctor says he is fine now. She says then I don’t want to stay here, I want to take him home.

Arjun asks her not to raise her BP. Staff goes. She asks nurse about Swaran. Nurse says she got you here and also saved you from fire, she was with some lady, they both left. He gets Swaran’s letter. Divi asks will you forget your own respect, family and kids. She says I wish you never find Swaran.

Ajit asks her to stop it. He says I just want her to be happy, she needs me. He gets a call. He asks where are you, Swaran. The man says I got this phone on road, your number was last dialled. Ajit says thanks, I will come. He asks Divi to trust him, and go.

He sends Divi in a cab. He goes and meets someone to get Swaran’s phone. He thanks him. He calls Shorvori, and says I got to know about Swaran and Bebe, they helped someone after an accident, they are fine. Aarav cries. Nimmo says sorry, I got a good sleep. She asks Kiran to handle Aarav.

She scolds Aarav for crying for picnic. Vikram wakes up. He goes to them and asks them not to shout. He says I want peace in my house. Kiran says this house is mine also. He says whatever, I want pan cakes and coffee. She asks him to tell Neelima. Nimmo asks did you open the door for her, maybe she went back. Kiran says Aarav calm down, I love you. He says you are also bad, just Swaran is good.

Arjun asks didn’t you ask her name. The lady jokes. He says she saved my life twice, would you do this for anyone. She asks are you joking, was it a hospital or a zoo. He jokes. He asks her to buy the hospital. She says not a bad idea. Vikram says I just want my money, I want to sell my share and go back to US.

Kiran says tell me, why didn’t you tell Nakul. He gets Yug’s call. He answers and says I will call you later. Nimmo says he may sell the house and take all the money. Swaran and Bebe are on the way. Arjun sees them. He says they saved my life. He asks driver to stop the car. Swaran and Bebe cross the road.

Swaran’s earring falls down. Arjun runs after the bus and checks it. He doesn’t see Swaran. Ajit comes there and looks for Swaran. Swaran and Bebe hire an auto rickshaw. Arjun turns and sees her. Ajit gets down the bus. Arjun asks her to listen. Ajit also doesn’t see her. Arjun clicks a pic of the auto number.

Bebe asks where will we go. Swaran says we have a place to go. Arjun says I can’t let you go like this, you saved my life. Ajit thinks I will find you Swaran. He leaves. Arjun goes back to his car. His sister asks are you a kid. Arjun says I went to thank the person who saved me. She says I thanked her.

He says you would have said thanks by money. He says everyone needs money than thanks, did the dhaba man agree. Arjun says I was talking to him when I met with that accident, I will get that land back but the legal way.

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